‘No Man’s Sky’ channels ‘Dune’ in ‘Emergence’ update

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spice should flow

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next update for no man’s sky Taking some cues from the classic sci-fi universe DuneWith sandworms coming in desert planets, dark cult and space travel exploration game.

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Description of Hello Games as a Developer blog post (Thank you, eurogamer), incoming Campaign Four: Emerge It will also be the first event to feature a distinctive narrative, in which players find themselves in the desert world of Vasan and are forced to clear the planet of “cursed dust” as they try to escape.

Setting the scene, Hello Games describes that “across the universe, planets have been battered by the activity of Titan worms. These giant sandworms plow in the desert sands, darkening the sun as they head upward.” bow down, and defile the area with their cursed dust.”


The plot reveals players “the history of a dark cult, and eventually confronts Atlas with evidence of this indelible stain on the universe.”

whereas sandworm Already present in the game – encountered on a world where they rumble under the ground or leap through the sky, players are oblivious and free of activity – Titan Worms is a new threat and challenge. represent.

Evolution Will also offer rideable sandworms. The developer states that “players can now tame and evolve a tremendous sandworm companion to feed, pet, ride and explore the universe. They are both terrifying and terrifying creatures when fully grown.” become, and are unbelievable to fly.”

As part of the update, no man’s sky The game will see “a bunch of improvements”, including “rich particle effects”, and “more diverse biology and types” for existing sandworms. It will also feature some troubling organic skins, including a “Gustly Trail” jetpack exhaust that ejects “gooey fluids and tiny bugs during flight”, and a “Flesh Launcher” fireworks that fires “mud, plasma, and wormlets.” explodes in a splatter.”

The timing and theme of the update fits in well with the impending release of Denis Villeneuve’s cinematic Dune – While sandworms are obvious visual connections, the mysterious cult seems like a possible sign Great stream to central Dune Universe.


Evolution There’s a seasonal event that Hello Games says will “run during Halloween,” which means players who want to pilot their pet sandworm will want to jump in no man’s sky soon.

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