No physical signs of Brian Laundrie have yet been found in a Florida nature reserve, police say

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Laundry, whose fiancée Gabby Pettito was found dead in Wyoming nearly three weeks ago, has been the focus of an intense search at the Carlton Reserve near her family’s home in North Port, when her parents told police she planned to go there. is planned.

North Port Police spokesman Josh Taylor told Granthshala’s Randy Kaye that although nothing related to laundry has been found inside the reserve, they will continue their efforts until they have better information.

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North Port Police confirmed this week that on September 14 an abandoned vehicle notice on a Ford Mustang belonging to the Laundry family was placed outside a park that serves as the entrance to the reserve.

According to Laundry family attorney Steve Bertolino, the parents, Chris and Roberta, went to the park that day looking for their son and saw the citation, Laundry told them he was headed for the reserve. His parents brought the car home on September 15.


The search has been motivated solely by information from Laundry’s parents, Taylor told Granthshala, and the police department has received several suggestions from the public, which police say so far none have paid attention to.

Laundry has not been charged with Pettito’s death, but she is the subject of a federal arrest warrant for unauthorized use of another person’s debit card in the days since she last spoke with her family.

Police say laundry was being monitored before it disappeared

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Petito, whose body was discovered on September 19, was reported missing eight days earlier by his family, who had not heard from him since late August.

Taylor told Granthshala that when police went to the Laundry family’s home on the night of September 11 as part of an investigation into Pettito’s disappearance, she was not seen and had no opportunity to speak with her.

While Laundry was not wanted for arrest at the time, he was being surveyed by police — because the best officers could legally do so — before disappearing, Taylor told Granthshala, and officials say he Never spoke to the laundry before going missing.

Taylor said that on September 17, when police spoke to her parents after reporting Laundry’s disappearance, they declined to answer any questions about Petito’s disappearance or her, which the police asked. Said it “weird”. Laundry’s parents, who had their lawyer on speakerphone, spoke only about their missing son.

Laundry and Petito had set out on a summer road trip to Western National Parks, yet Pettito was last seen in a Wyoming restaurant in late August and Laundry returned to Florida alone on September 1.

Lawyer Bartolino told Granthshala that about a week after Laundry returned, he and his parents had been camping briefly at a place about 75 miles from their home.

In late September, Laundry’s parents, through their attorney, issued a statement saying, “Chris and Roberta Laundry do not know where Brian is. They are concerned about Brian and hope that the The FBI may find him. Speculation in the public and some of the press that the parents helped Brian leave the family home or evade arrest on a warrant issued after Brian was already missing for several days. It was wrong.”

Father participated in the search this week

According to Bertolino, Chris Laundry was seen entering the Carlton Reserve on Thursday morning after being asked by law enforcement to accompany him in his search.

“Chris was asked to indicate any favorite trails or spots that Brian may have used in the preserve,” the lawyer said. Although the family provided information they previously knew, “it is now thought that on-site assistance may be better,” he said.

“The preserve is also closed to the public and laundry, but parents have been cooperating since the search began,” Bertolino said.

“There was no discovery but the effort was helpful to everyone,” he said.

Gabby Petito's father says he wants Brian Laundry to be found alive

Police on Thursday denied that a campsite was found in the reserve during earlier search efforts. The confirmation came after a source close to the Laundry family told Granthshala that they were informed by investigators that police had made a search. The source insisted Thursday that the laundry family was told a campsite had been found.

“Is it possible that they thought there might be a camp site or something they saw from the air, but it didn’t come out when they landed. Sure, I think that’s a possibility.” ,” said Taylor, a spokesman for North Port Police. “The bottom line is that investigators are telling me no campsites were found there.”

As the search continues, Laundry’s parents believe he is still in reserve, Bertolino said, and as a result, every public call he has made to surrender to the authorities has gone unnoticed. will not reach.

“In short, the parents believed Brian was and is still protected so there was no reason to issue a petition to the media that he did not have access,” the lawyer said.

Granthshala’s Randy Kaye, Leyla Santiago, Sarah Weisfeld, Melissa Alonso, Gregory Lemos, Chris Cuomo, John Passantino, Dakin Andone, Christina Maxouris, Taylor Romain, Joe Sutton, Susan Chun and Anne Clifford contributed to this report.


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