no time to dieLatest entry in handjob James Bond FranchiseIt grossed an estimated $56 million at the North American box office this weekend, according to its studio, MGM.

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got that number studio expectations for the film, which ranged from $55 million to $60 million over the weekend, but was nonetheless a somewhat muted performance for the Bond brand—one of the most lucrative franchises in Hollywood history.

In short, with “No Time to Die” as the final film of the Daniel Craig era and one of the most anticipated films of the year, the results are solid but a bit soft for 007. In keeping with the Bond theme, Hollywood, theater owners and MGM were neither shaken nor shaken by the result.


The film has already grossed $313 million at the worldwide box office since its international opening last week.

“No Time to Die” totals are ultimately fine, but with all the attention — and good reviews — some analysts felt it might exceed expectations.

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Why this did not happen is likely due to several factors.

For starters, the pandemic is still on which makes week-to-week returns at the box office a bit of a gamble. This film is also very long, two hours 43 minutes. Despite opening in 4,407 theatres, this type of period could have reduced the number of screenings of the film.

And Bond fans are older than Marvel fans, so audiences can wait until next week or more to see the film.

Finally, this weekend gives Craig the second lowest opening of his run as Bond. According to comScore, only his first film, 2006’s “Casino Royale”, earned less than his debut.

“Certainly the expectations for ‘No Time to Die’ were very high,” comScore senior analyst Paul Dergarabedian told CNN Business. “While the longer run time may have played a part in this weekend’s showing, it also reflects the fact that more mature filmmakers — who have an interest in the Bond franchise — are generally more likely to walk out of the movie theaters.” take your time.”

He added that the film “is likely to take time to make it to the box office.”

Now, theaters look to next week as one of cinema’s most iconic names — Michael Myers — returns in Universal’s “Halloween Kills.” The horror film starring Jamie Lee Curtis hits theaters Friday and streaming service Peacock.