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The death of a prominent figure almost always sparks nostalgia about their greatest moments.

Comedian Norm McDonald is no exception. Since his passing on Tuesday at the age of 61 following a personal battle with cancer, social media has been flooded with tributes to the late star, including re-circulating clips of some of his most famous moments in the headlines.


The actor had an illustrious career with a five-year stint on “Saturday Night Live” and an extensive career in film and television, which saw him appear in films such as “Billy Madison” and more recently in television shows such as “The Orville” .

In addition to acting, he was a favorite guest on late night shows and was also known for stand-up comedy.

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‘SNL’ alum Norm McDonald dead at 61

At the popular funnyman’s memorial, here’s a look at some of his funniest moments:

‘Celebrity Jeopardy!: French Stewart, Burt Reynolds, and Sean Connery’ – “Saturday Night Live”

WARNING: Graphic Language

“SNL” and its cast members are widely known for making some of the best celebrity impressions in show business, and McDonald’s Burt Reynolds is among those remembered long after the performance.

During a 1999 episode of the sketch comedy show, McDonald called Reynolds “Celebrity Jeopardy!” modeled for an imaginary period of. Hosted by Alex Trebek of Will Ferrell.

The sketch made Reynolds known by the moniker Turd Ferguson because, as he put it, “it’s a strange name.” Throughout the chaotic game, he forces everyone to refer to himself by silly names and refuses to play by the rules.

OJ Simpson Jabs on ‘Weekend Update’

During his time on “SNL”, MacDonald held the coveted position of host of the “Weekend Update” segment from 1993–1997.

The OJ Simpson scandal and lawsuit unfolded during that time – and the spoof was constant fodder for Macdonald’s time behind the news desk.

Norm McDonald remembered by the comedy world: ‘He was in his full league’

He was often bring scandal and heavily implied that Simpson was guilty of murder. According to Deadline, Macdonald blamed Simpson’s friendship with NBC’s West Coast division president Don Olmeier for his exit from the show.

Despite any potential behind-the-scenes tension caused by the jokes, MacDonald turned them around because they were fan-favorite moments of his tenure.

‘Nightline with Bill Clinton and Bob Dole’ – ‘Saturday Night Live’

In the 1990s, then-U.S. Sen. Bob Dole, R-Kan, announced that he would step down to focus on replacing President Bill Clinton in the White House. Dole was a 1996 GOP presidential candidate.

In typical “SNL” fashion, political upheaval became comical gold through raids and jokes when MacDonald took on the role of Dole.

In the cold open of the 1996 show, Macdonald — as Dole — lobbed heavy jokes against the then-politician in his signature monotone voice. The sketch also mocked Clinton, claiming that, like Dole, he resigned from his position to focus on the campaign, sparking Dole’s misleading comments.

Insect Joke – ‘Conan’

Norm MacDonald was a fan-favorite guest on Conan O'Brien's late night show.  (Getty Images)

Another of his memorable late night appearances happened a few years back during A Journey on “Conan” When he told a combative story about a moth visiting a podiatrist.

Keet has a strange string of existential problems, including disdain for his job and son.

Norm McDonald says women troubled by Louis CK’s surprise set should get $200 to help ‘recover from trauma’

When asked why he went to a podiatrist instead of a psychiatrist, Moth said: “Because the lights were on.”

Courtney Thorne-Smith and Norm Macdonald on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien”

Norm Macdonald mocks Courtney Thorne-Smith during a shared interview on 'Late Night with Conan O'Brien'.  (Getty Images)

During another iconic visit to Conan O’Brien’s talk show, McDonald sat for An Interview with “Melrose Place” Star Courtney Thorne-Smith And the star and her massively popular show took several cracks.

He also made fun of his film “Chairman of the Board”, co-starring Carrot Top – including the title of his film and his fellow comedian’s inability to perform in bed.

‘New Hire’ – ‘Ideal’

After his popular run on “SNL”, MacDonald had a sitcom called “Norm” which ran from 1999–2001.

During a memorable episode, Norm starts a new job and is introduced to his co-workers. Moments later, he tells a co-worker to keep an eye on one of his clients as he heads out to lunch, apparently turning the clock on the wall to leave the office much later in the day. Is.