A half-court shot is hard enough to sink, but removing one with your back to the basket is the next level thing.

And on February 4, Joe Oriens, a patron at Liberty-Benton Middle School, did exactly that.

Oryans carelessly walked across the hardwood, dribbling as he approached a bag of garbage near the semi-court line.

Without giving himself time to position, Orion stopped at the school logo, dipped the ball to his knees and threw it above his head towards the basket.

Principal Kyle Leatherman said, “Nothing but the net.” Twitter page.

Leatherman said that Orionus told him about the shot, but he did not believe it until he saw it for himself.

Leatherman examines the camera and, for his enjoyment, Orion undresses him.

Before the day of the students and staff arrived, a security camera caught a middle school patron on Thursday morning, February 4, in a back half-and-half shot in an empty gymnasium. (Sincerely: Principal Kyle Leatherman via storyteller)

“I asked him why one half was shot by the court,” Leutherman told Storyful. “His response: ‘I had a chance to camouflage the half-court shot. I’m not much.”

If it were to happen in an organized game, the shot of the Orians is the type of highlight that resumes for years to come.

Instead, Orion walked through the empty court, head held high, hands still victoriously high.

Although no one has seen his feat, the video posted has been viewed more than 200,000 times.

This story came from Atlanta.