NRA-backed Ted Cruz blasted for speech decrying number of mass shootings

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Sen. Ted Cruz took to the Senate floor Wednesday morning to downplay the number of mass shootings that his state Texas has seen in recent years — prompting excitement from many observers who noted that Used to give that Mr. Cruz has been a staunch opponent of gun control measures.

“Mister President, there has been a lot of mass shootings,” Cruz said after listing a number of recent mass shootings, including incidents in Uvalde, Santa Fe, Sutherland Springs, El Paso and Dallas.

In the wake of Mr Cruise’s comments, Kimberly Mata-Rubio, the mother of a child who was killed at Rob Elementary School in Uvalde this May, shared a photo of a meeting with Mr Cruz in which he discussed federal assault weapons. refused to support the ban. To help stop mass shootings.

Felix shared our last photo of Lexi — in her baby-sized coffin — as we asked @ted cruz To protect our constituents by supporting a federal ban on assault weapons,” Ms Mata-Rubio tweeted. “He declined. Instead, he said he supports increasing law enforcement presence on school campuses.

Mr. Cruz has long been a trusted vote for the gun industry. According to information From the Brady Institute, Mr. Cruise has received more than $176,000 from the National Rifle Association (NRA) in his political career. In the 2018 election cycle alone, Mr. Cruz Received Over $300,000 from Gun Lobby.

Mr Cruz Told That it is preparing to introduce a School Safety Bill, but it is expected that it will be based on strengthening police presence and surveillance in schools rather than limiting access to assault weapons. America, with its relatively lax gun control laws, More More mass shootings than any other comparatively industrialized nation.

Mr Cruz is believed to be considering another run for the presidency in 2024 as he travels the country this fall in support of Republican candidates. Mr Cruz was the runner-up in the 2016 Republican primary when he had a tough fight with eventual candidate Donald Trump, whom he later embraced despite Mr Trump’s ugly remarks about his family.

Some have taken Mr Cruz’s alliance with Mr Trump as a sign of his political longing and willingness to say anything to advance his career. That was a topic for other observers listening to Mr Cruz on Wednesday.

Mr Cruz has long opposed small gun control measures, even in the direct aftermath of the mass shootings. This includes his vote against a bipartisan gun control bill led by Sen. Chris Murphy and his Texas ally, Sen. John Cornyn, after the shooting in Uvalde, which passed the Senate by a vote of 64-34 and was signed by President Joe Biden. .

Mr. Cruise currently has negative approval Rating In his home state of Texas, where just 42 percent of voters said they approve of his performance in an August poll conducted by the University of Texas and Texas Tribune, Mr Cruz is set to be re-elected to the Senate in 2024.

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