A tall island woman tested positive for COVID-19 on Tuesday – receiving her second dose of the modern vaccine for more than a month meant protecting against the virus.

Melanie Rosen, who works as a secretary in the Hewlett-Woodmere School District, PIX-11 told He thought that getting a jab meant that it was safe to resume normal activities without wearing a mask.

She Shortly after participating in vacation, symptoms begin to be experienced – unmasked – for the father of a friend who passed away.

COVID-19 buildings and various religious places located on the Coronets

“There were probably at least 10 family members there,” Rosen said. “I held out for about an hour and a half without wearing a mask. I hugged each one.”

Rosen told the station that a few days after seeing everyone she began to experience symptoms of COVID-19, including a stuffy nose and body aches, especially in her legs.

She It was later revealed that three members of the family who attended the meeting had tested positive for COVID-19.

“I was surprised,” Rosen said. “I got 4.9 percent what Modern got and COVID actually got.”


None of the vaccines currently approved for use provide 100 percent protection from the virus – but health officials emphasize that vaccination helps prevent serious cases, and a significant return to normalcy on the road Step.

Rosen’s infection is a rare case of a person coming with the disease after vaccination – some experts say that is unlikely, but is still possible.

Rosen eventually fought a mild battle of COVID-19 – and says that he is grateful when he got vaccinated.

“You can still get it; you can probably still spread it,” Rosen said. “I want people to know that it’s not over.”

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