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A New York City man has been indicted for allegedly helping the Taliban fight US forces.


Delover Mohamed Hussein, 36, was indicted in Manhattan federal court late Friday on charges that he tried to provide material aid to terrorism and tried to contribute money, goods and services to the Taliban.

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Authorities arrested Hussain at Kennedy Airport in 2019, disrupting his plans to travel to Afghanistan. Hussain was put under house arrest in July 2020.

The sentencing was set on January 12 by US District Judge Sidney H. Stein, following a jury’s decision in a weeklong trial.

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Before the trial, the judge urged the government to take steps to protect the identities of witnesses, including a New York City police officer who corresponded with Hussein in a covert capacity prior to his arrest.

According to court papers, Hussein began expressing interest in joining the Taliban in 2018 and sought to recruit someone to do so, but the man turned out to be a government informer. Court papers state that he told the informant: “I want to kill some kufars before I die.”

Prosecutors said their preparations included buying equipment such as walkie-talkies and trekking gear. He said he instructed the informant to save enough money to “buy some weapons” after arriving in Afghanistan.

The case follows a series of similar arrests of self-radicalized terrorist suspects whom they contacted on social media for attempting to join or support the Islamic State group.

Hussain’s lawyer did not immediately respond to a message seeking comment on Saturday.

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