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A new report from the New York City Department of Investigation found that Mayor Bill de Blasio’s security details were misused for personal use, during a move to shove his son back and forth from Yale University several times. Helping daughter with her personal belongings.


The 47-page report said the NYPD paid roughly $319,794.20 for Mayor de Blasio’s security detail to travel out of New York City during his short, ill-fated presidential campaign, and that included employee wages or overtime costs. Not included. The report found that till date, the city has not been reimbursed for these expenses.

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The Executive Security Unit of the New York City Police Department is tasked with providing security for the mayor. It is also used to protect the mayor’s immediate family when deemed necessary.

The report also lists several occasions when EPUs were used to run the mayor’s errands and conduct security checks at his home in Brooklyn.

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Inspector Howard Redmond, who is in charge of the extension, “actively hindered and sought to foil the investigation.”

That’s because de Blasio hasn’t ruled out a run for governor of New York.

“I want to do more in public service,” de Blasio said during a briefing on Wednesday.

A spokesman for the mayor responded to the report on Thursday, shortly after the DOI report was released. The response was similar to another statement sent to news outlets in July:

“Intelligence and security experts should decide how to keep the mayor and his family safe, not civilian investigators. This non-professional report does the NYPD’s work for them, but not with any relevant expertise — and Even without interviewing the intelligence chief. For the city. As a result, we are left with a false report, a naive look at illegitimate beliefs and the complex security challenges facing elected officials today. based on.”

“The allegations are very, very serious,” said Democratic strategist Hank Shinkoff. “We had a state comptroller named Alan Hevesey, who was accused of similar things – abusing drivers for the comptroller’s office who drove his wife and family members around – he went to jail. “

It will be up to the Manhattan District Attorney or the Brooklyn District Attorney to decide whether to investigate the allegations further.