The city’s 15 vaccination hubs were ghost cities last Saturday, and the health department is refusing to explain the poor distribution in the city.

On 30 January, a DOH staff stationed at Hillcrest High School Hub in Queens said they did nothing for the whole day.

He said, “You can’t imagine how much it was.”

He Said there were about 70 employees on hand – some earners pay overtime for 12-hour shifts – and about 10 people to be vaccinated.

The activist said several appeals were made to DOH officials to vaccinate people without appointments, and they were refused. He Hubs said there are about 400 to 700 doses.

“We could use that day to vaccinate thousands… and we blew it,” he said

The issue of empty sites was first brought to light by City Councilman Mark Tregger, who tweeted an empty hub at Coney Island’s Lincoln High School.

George Westinghouse Vocational High School in Brooklyn had a similar problem, Counselor Brad Lander tweeted.

A DOH spokesman said the hubs were open “to accommodate a limited number of rescheduled appointments from the prior week.”

But Treger said he was told that the city never updated its web site to reflect availability.

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It was set back for the vaccination program after being in the city for four days from January 21 to 24, as it was out of supply.

And the hubs were also closed on Monday and Tuesday due to snowfall that engulfed the city.

According to the city’s vaccine tracker site, on January 30, the total vaccination in the city fell by more than half from the previous day.

The city’s health department said it would not allow a walk-in because “the dose was in short supply and there were also appointments the next day.” It insisted that all doses were used by the end of the weekend.

The Lincoln High School Hub allowed Tregger to walk after tweeting about the problem.

He said, it seemed as if they were planning to apply the vaccine to anyone with a vaccine dose someday, which is unacceptable.