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New York Attorney General Letitia James joined a group of 17 attorneys general across the country to write a letter to President Joe Biden expressing concern over the treatment of Haitian citizens attempting to cross the southern border illegally.

“I have seen devastating and disturbing pictures of Border Patrol officers on horseback using whips to corral Haitian refugees seeking asylum, and it is clear that they have not been shown humanity and concern,” said one Democrats, James said. Statement Friday.


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“We are a nation built by immigrants, and we cannot be harsh and cruel to individuals fleeing natural disaster, political instability, extreme poverty and violence in our country,” James said. “I, along with my fellow attorney general, urge the Biden administration to end the mistreatment of Haitians at the border and to demonstrate the ethics and compassion they deserve.”

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Several prominent Democrats and liberal groups across the country have expressed outrage over photos of mounted Border Patrol agents fleeing illegal migrants from Haiti on the southern border, claiming the agents were “whipping” migrants.

“This is beyond repulsive,” MSNBC anchor Joy Reid tweeted in response to the viral images. “These pictures are from 2021 or 1851??”

President Biden Mortgage that the agents responsible would “pay” for their actions, and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Meyercas said on Friday that those involved were Contribution For “systemic racism”.

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Border Patrol officers and the photographer who took the photograph strongly rejected the feature that agents were “whipping” migrants.

“I’ve never seen them whipping anybody,” said Paul Ratze, the man who took the controversial photos, said, explaining that the “whips” in question were actually horse bridles. “He was twisting it, but it can be misunderstood when you’re looking at the picture.”

Brandon JuddThe head of the National Border Patrol Council also defended the agents.

“No one was hit with a bridle. Not a man was hit by a bridle. Not a single person was driven by those horses,” Judd said Granthshala News. “They used the tactics they were trained to use, to do the job [Biden] Sent to them – these are employees of the executive branch. He sent them there to work, and now he’s criticizing them because their base wants them.”

Granthshala News did not immediately receive a response after contacting the office of Attorney General James.

A camp of 15,000 illegal immigrants, many of whom were Haitians, gathered under the Del Rio Bridge in Texas over the past few weeks, but have now been deported to Haiti and back to the United States. Two out of three migrants are estimated to be in the camp released With notice to self-report to ICE offices in the United States.