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Octavia Spencer not only believes in ghosts, she is friends with one.

The 51-year-old actress appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Friday, where she discussed her new movie “Encounter,” her belief in UFOs, and the revelation that she periodically connects with a spirit in her home. .


Spencer said, “I grew up watching Westerns and I bought this house, and it’s owned by a guy who’s done Westerns and I’ve been a fan of him. I think he’s my savior. Is.”

While some would think of the soul residing between them, Spencer said there is a positive connection between the two.

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She laughed and said, “I love him because he fixes bad guys who shouldn’t be there. He kicks them out. They don’t want to come back if they stay at my place.” “And that’s how I know they’re not there because if you’re the one person out there that relates, everyone’s like, ‘Oh, your place is so welcoming, that’s great.

Although Spencer notes that there are times when she’s long gone when Ghost acts “a little shady”.

“The doors lock, the lights go off when I turn them on,” she said.

The “Encounter” actress has some basic rules when it comes to welcoming guests into her home.

I love my ghost Doesn’t bother me. We have limits.”

Speaking about her new sci-fi film, Spencer said that she also believes in UFOs. She also revealed that an actual encounter took place while filming the “entire crew” of “Encounter”.

“All of a sudden there’s all these lights in the sky and we’re about to film the big scene at the end of the movie and the lights… there were a million of them and they started getting smaller and smaller… they just appeared and they started disappearing, ” He said.

Octavia Spencer reveals how she lives with a ghost.

When the video of Spencer’s alleged encounter was played out to the audience, she said excitedly, “It’s not a plane. I’ve always wanted to have a close encounter but it was too close to a movie called ‘Encounter’.”