Family members say an officer fired in Columbus, Ohio, on Tuesday afternoon, killing 15-year-old Makia Bryant Granthshala 28.

Police were originally called to the east side of the city at around 3:45 am on a reported stabbing attempt.

The victim, who Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther described as a “young woman”, was pronounced dead at 5:30 pm at a local hospital.

Hazel Bryant, who identified herself as the victim’s aunt, said her 15-year-old niece picked up a knife to defend herself during a fight with other people in the neighborhood.

“The police rolled over, shot my niece four times,” Bryant told 10TV’s Lacey Crisp.

The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation investigating the shooting has not identified the victim.

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Shown a chaotic scene posted by local news reporters and viewers. The shooting took place just before the announcement of George Floyd’s death, for which former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was convicted of murder.

Mayor Ginther said the invoice has body-wear camera footage that officials are reviewing to see.

“We will share information that will be available as soon as we become available,” Ginther wrote on Twitter. “I am asking the residents to remain calm and allow the BCI to collect the facts.”

A mob of mobsters gathered at the scene of a fatal shooting officer in Columbus, Ohio.

A mob of mobsters gathered at the scene of a fatal shooting officer in Columbus, Ohio.
(@LaceyCrisp / WBNS)

Protesters were gathering near the location of the shooting and shouting at police as investigators worked at the scene.

Another Columbus police officer is facing a murder charge for a fatal shooting. Officer Adam Coe shot Andre Hill on Dec. 22 as Hill was emerging from a garage holding a cell phone, officials said earlier.

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