Oklahoma is now offering coronavirus vaccine appointments that do not reside in the state.

Oklahoma State Health Department (OSDH) on Wednesday said That from Thursday, non-residents of Sunsan State will be able to make vaccine appointments “due to the increase.” [vaccine] Supply and continued progress in vaccination efforts. ”

The move makes Oklahoma one of the first states to address a residency requirement for jobs. The Department of Health called it “a major step in distribution” that reinforces the state’s success in providing the vaccine to its own residents.

Officials said that last week, the state surpassed 2 million doses. All Oklahomans aged 16 or older are eligible in the state.

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“As long as our focus has been and will continue to be on vaccinating Oklamons, we have always known that there will be a point at which supply and increasing capacity will help us to get people living in Oklahoma in neighboring states.” Reid, in a statement. “We are now getting to that point and are happy to extend our reception as part of our efforts to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 to the area of ​​our neighbors. This virus will be able to expand the boundaries drawn on the map. Does not comply, so by making sure. Throughout Oklahoma – not just Oklahoma – we are providing an additional layer of protection for our residents.

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“It’s the right thing for our neighbors,” Reid continued. “We hope that other states can also move up in administration rates well, as we all continue to work together to end this epidemic.”

Those who live in Oklahoma or surrounding states, who wish to make a vaccine appointment, may do so. Here.