Olena Zelenska says she hopes Musk’s Ukraine peace tweet was ‘chance mistake’

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Ukraine’s First Lady has said she hopes Elon Musk’s tweet about a peace deal to end the war with Russia was a “mistake of chance” and the help the Ukrainian people have given to her country’s war effort. For “praised” the richest man in the world.

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Musk drew the ire of Ukrainians last month when he posted a tweet suggesting a Ukraine-Russia peace deal that would include formally annexing Crimea to Russia and holding UN-monitored elections in four Russian-occupied territories in Ukraine. Included. Musk later denied a report that he had spoken to Vladimir Putin before launching the plan, which he presented in the form of a Twitter poll.

In an interview with the Guardian, Olena Zelenska said Ukraine is grateful for Musk’s Starlink satellite broadband service. She said: “We have to thank him for Starlink as it is still working. It is still in the works and we hope it will help us towards victory by making our efforts smarter.

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Speaking through an interpreter at the Web Summit in Lisbon, she said: “And, of course, you know, she supported Ukraine from day one and so Ukrainians really admired her. So reading the tweet for us Was extremely sensitive. Frankly, even the smartest person can’t say the smartest things round the clock. There are mistakes. And we hope it was a chance mistake.”

Zelenska’s husband, President Volodymyr Zelensky, responded to Musk at the time with his own poll on “Who Elon Musk” readers preferred: the one who supported Ukraine, or the one who supported Russia.

Musk’s relations with the country became more tense last month when he suggested he could not continue the country’s use of Starlink, which has become a major communications network for Ukraine’s armed forces. However, Tesla’s chief executive then said he would keep the payments, tweeting that “we will just keep funding the Ukraine government for free”.

Musk has been contacted for comment.

Zelenska also addressed the issue of social media, which has become a major player in the information war between Ukraine and Russia. She said Ukraine, whose use of platforms such as Twitter has helped garner support in the West, knows how to “manage” social media and use it “to make sure the world knows the truth”.

However, she accused Instagram owner Meta of “double standards” by putting up a post of hers after a Russian attack that showed killed a four-year-old Ukrainian girl he knewAt the bottom of a sensitivity screen.

“What we have to do is show facts, show pictures which unfortunately show that these atrocities are taking place,” she said. “But the companies that have to spread this truth are trying to hide the content.”

Meta declined to comment. It is understood that Instagram immediately saved the picture from public view due to its graphic nature.

When asked about life in Kyiv with her husband and two children, Zelenska said: “We live day by day and we are getting used to the fact that we don’t plan anything for more than several hours ahead. can make.” She continued: “We know how to switch our plans very quickly, to switch from real life to online”. [schooling] Or whether to go to bomb shelters. We have all become crisis managers. And very good crisis managers too. ,

In a speech at the Web Summit on Monday, Zelenska told attendees that her industry had become a “battleground in Russia’s war against Ukraine.” Zelenska, who has establish a foundation To support health care, education and humanitarian aid in his country, Said said innovations such as advances in prostheses could help Ukrainians wounded in conflict.

On Tuesday, Zelensky said the Russian military had “severely damaged” About 40% of Ukraine’s energy infrastructureEspecially in thermal and hydroelectric power stations.

Zelenska said that “high-capacity power banks”, similar to supercharged versions of packs used to charge mobile phones, could be a technological solution that would help Ukraine.

“We are facing an energy crisis in Ukraine after continuous attacks on energy infrastructure. And that means Ukrainians are buying generators, power banks, batteries. Maybe it’s about building high-capacity power banks for the world. Time to think. This could be an interesting and much needed startup,” she said.

On Thursday, Microsoft announced at the Web Summit that it was providing its free technology support to the Ukrainian government until next year. About $100 million in additional aid includes letting government agencies run their digital infrastructure through Microsoft’s cloud computing platform.

“The digital alliance that supports Ukraine must remain strong,” said Microsoft President Brad Smith.

Source: www.theguardian.com

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