Olivia Rodrigo and other new riot grrrls have their predecessors to thank

The pop-punk graffiti revival is officially upon us.

Olivia Rodrigo has completed her world domination with her beating (and chart topping) kiss off “good 4 u” Willow Smith, best known for telling us to whip our hair back and forth over the years, for her new album with millennial pop-punk paragon Avril Lavigne and Has not linked up with anyone other than Travis Barker. And Linda Lindas — the tween girl punk group last seen in Amy Poehler’s Netflix movie “Moxie” — recently made the jump from viral fame Late at night, “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” But lamenting his single “Racist, Sexist Boy”. just last week, after scoring their first big record deal.

All are certainly original in their own right, but how can we not see the influence of the Old Watchers in their modern rhetoric sound?

Here, a little musical math to help coax the new queens of scream.

Liz Phair + Alanis Morissette + Hayley Williams = Olivia Rodrigo

Liz Phair, Alanis Morissette and Hayley Williams
NY Post Photo Composite

Start with Liz Fair’s lyrical prowess, add Alanis Morissette’s savage delivery and then Hayley Williams’ vocal acrobatics. result? You have style-bending angst queen Olivia Rodrigo, 18. “I think I’m supposed to be a pop artist, but I’ve never felt that way,” said the Disney alum in a recent interview, where he named No Doubt and White Stripes as influences. Check out Hot Topic Chic fashion earlier this year on “SNL” (plaid and combat boots, official punk grarel uniform), and you can say it with me: It’s not a phase, mom.

Olivia Rodrigo
Olivia Rodrigo
NBCU Photo Bank / Getty Images

Avril Lavigne + Courtney Love + Fafe Dobson = Willow Smith

Avril Lavigne, Courtney Lovge and Fefe Dobson
NY Post Photo Composite

It’s not that complicated. snarling, to get stylish willow smith, you take the over-it attitude Avril Lavigne, as well as rock-star Add to that the jumpy vocals of a true fan of Courtney Love, and Canadian crooner Fife Dobson. Confused about Smith’s right hand turn from R&B to full rocker? Mom Jada led a nu metal group, Wicked Wisdom, in the early aughts and brought in a young Willow during the tour, which cemented her love for the genre. All it took was an epidemic for 20-year-old Willow to actually start noodling with making the metal album of her dreams. As for the collaboration with Travis Barker and Lavigne of Blink-182 for an upcoming album? “I need to get that pop-punk co-sign,” she told W Magazine.

willow smith
willow smith
Savage x Fenty . Getty Images for

Bikini Kill + Slater-Kinney + Joan Jett = Linda Lindas’ Kathleen Hanna

Kathleen Hanna, Slater-Kinney and Joan Jett
NY Post Photo Composite

First you take original Riot Grrl Kathleen Hannah, then add Slater-Kinney’s Rockin’ Gals and punk goddess supreme: Joan Jett. You’ll find Linda Lindas, a fab foursome of clever (and smiley) hardcore punk kids—all under 16. The group was not even a year old when Hanna invited them to a bikini kill reunion show in 2019 after the discovery. them online. At that time their youngest member was only 8 years old. Lest you think these youngsters are all shy, however, each member writes, sings and plays several instruments. And like any good punk act, these girls aren’t afraid to get political: Because they’re not old enough to cast the ballot, their song “Vote!” It was his way of expressing dissatisfaction with the Trump administration.

linda lindasso
linda lindasso
ABC / Getty Images


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