Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Drivers License’ has its own ‘SNL’ singalong sketch

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    Olivia Rodrigo’s “Divers License” has taken the pop world by storm this year. For the past five weeks, the song has been at the top of the singles chart and may see it at number 1 on the sixth week. Board This weekend released the update chart. Now, the track that represents the heartbreak of teenagers around the world, has got its stage approval. Shanivari Night Live A sketch was the foundation of his latest episode.

    The sketch took place at once and featured a pool game with Pete Davidson, Kenan Thompson, Beck Bennett, Alex Moffat, Mickey Day and Bowen Yang. Bridgerton Actor Reggae-Jean Page, who hosted and hosted the group together SNL The episode wanted to provide some music for the game and turns on Rodrigo’s “Drivers License”. Others are confused by the choice of the members because it is not your typical selection for a game night, but they eventually show some love for the song – some compared to others – and break its meaning.

    He also touched on the slight drama between Rodrigo and Sabrina Carpenter as a result of the song. The group also compared Rodrigo to Billy Ellisch and Taylor Swift, but almost broke up without a fight.

    Bringing the sketch closer, the cast members enthusiastically performed the bridge on “Drivers License”, proving that there is something for all of us to love on a chart-topping single. Rodrigo celebrates song’s appearance SNL One tweet read that, “Driver Lincoln SNL sketch is the best present-day work of any kind.”

    You can see the sketch in the video above.


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