Ollie Alexander says she has been “moved” to see a record HIV test after “It’s a Sin”

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    “I think it’s amazing to see a real-time reaction to this show from the viewers watching.”

    Ollie Alexander has reacted to the news of record HIV tests following the release of his new TV show, It’s a sin.

    The Years and Years frontman stars as The Riches in Russell T. Davis’ new Channel 4 show, which tackles the AIDS crisis of the 1980s.

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    Since the show has increased rates of HIV tests nationwide over the past month, and Alexander says he has been “moved” by being inspired by the show.

    According to an employee of The Terence Higgins Trust CharityThe previous record of tests conducted in a single day was 2,800. On this Monday (February 1), 8,200 Tests were ordered.

    “I’m not trying to cry,” he said appearing on BBC Breakfast. “I think it’s amazing to see the real-time reaction to this show from the viewers watching. I’m really pushing it honestly.”

    Alexander also recently took to social media to encourage people to get tested for National HIV Testing Week.

    Posting on Twitter and Instagram, he said: “The fight against this virus has made amazing progress thanks to the early activists fighting for research, for wealth, for humanity. This means that today we have PREP, a pill that you can take to prevent HIV.

    “We have effective medication that prevents you from getting sick if you are HIV-positive, and prevents you from giving it to any partner.

    “Charitable organizations like Terence Higgins Trust are there to support you, whatever you want, whatever your outcome. So, let’s celebrate this amazing progress, by taking a test and knowing our situation.

    This week it turned out that It’s a sin Channel 4 has become the best-selling series of all time.

    The show, which portrayed the lives of gay friends living in London during the ’80s crisis, accumulated 6.5 million views on all 4, seeing it as Channel 4’s biggest instant box set.

    Reviewing It’s a sin, NME Wrote: “By telling this story through hot, flawed and sometimes depressing characters, you remind it of a heart-wrenching reminder of the countless lives claimed by HIV / AIDS.”

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