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Progressive rape. Ilhan Omar rebuked liberal Sen. Joe Manchin on Tuesday after he reiterated that he supports a reconciliation package that has cost more than $1.5 trillion, underscoring deep divisions among Democrats over what they want in the bill. Huh.

“He’s going to drop the numbers every time a reporter asks,” Omar, D-Min., told Manchin, W., his favorite topline number. month. “It’s a joke on him. He’s not negotiating, he’s kicking Bill and it’s time for all of us to recognize it. Sadly, his shaming strategy has cost his constituents both himself and his family.” The much needed investment will have to be spent.”


But Omar’s remarks also came as both moderate and progressive, who met with President Biden on Tuesday and expressed gratitude that he was becoming more involved in the talks on the Democrats’ legislative agenda. Many also expressed optimism about the possibility of a deal being put together soon.

Representative Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash., the chair of the House Progressive Caucus, was potentially the loudest of those voices.

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“The President is inspiring, he is close, he is confident, he is the main mediator. He is doing a truly phenomenal job,” Jaipal said.

“We had a really good productive meeting. Another productive meeting with the president, with the vice president, with secretary Yellen,” she said. “I think we all feel even more optimistic about reaching an agreement on a really transformative bill”

Another member of the Progressive Caucus, Representative Mark Pokan, D-Wis. CNN On Tuesday he believes Democrats will be able to get all their members on the board in the near future.

“The president is working very hard. He and his administration are very committed to this. And, in Congress, in our leadership and members, in our Progressive Caucus … we want to do it as quickly as possible,” he said. “So we’re hoping that some of the holdouts that are still out there are sailing the rest of us together. We just need them to choose what kind of wood they want to make their paddle out of.”

Progressive Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., also said she was “feeling better” about the prospects of a deal among Democrats.

Even Liberal Representative Josh Gottheimer, DNJ, who suffered an embarrassing loss last month when he repeatedly claimed the bipartisan infrastructure bill would pass before progressives blocked it, said the president The discussion went well with.

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“It was a very productive session,” Gottheimer said of the meeting. “I remain optimistic.”

But Democrats still largely disagree on a wide range of policies, including child tax credits, whether programs should be tested, climate policy and more. And some of those who, like Omar, didn’t speak with the president on Tuesday, had a less rosy assessment of things.

“Let’s invite all the people that they have never passed an important bill, if they pass even one!” Colin Strother, the campaign spokesman for Liberal Representative Henry Kueller, D-Texas, said in response to the list of lawmakers invited to the White House.

Representative Corey Bush, D-Mo., meanwhile, explained in a tweet that he believes “this means testing is bad”—because it takes administrative effort to establish what can go into the program itself. , and administrative hoops can end except for Black Americans.

“There’s no point in testing in Build Back Better,” she said.

However, there will almost certainly be a test in the spending bill on demand for munchkin. So Bush would need to settle on that and many other policy demands. It remains to be seen whether he and some of his fellow “squad” members will be willing to do the same.

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Munchkin himself, who is in regular contact with the White House and top progressive Democrats, indicated Tuesday that there is some hope for Democrats to agree a reconciliation framework soon.

“Certainly it is possible,” Munchkin said when asked if a settlement is in the cards by the end of the week.

“We’ll keep taking it until we understand each other,” he also said.

Granthshala Business’ Kelly Fares and Sally Persons contributed to this report.