Omicron has arrived — but there’s no reason for broad restrictions

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Omicron spreading: Officials confirmed the first case in the United States on Wednesday. Yet there are indications that it may not be as harmful as some feared. Which means this is not the time for harsh new restrictions, especially ones like those imposed at the height of the pandemic.

World Health Organization on Tuesday the officer said Omicron’s cases so far have been one??????mild, one???? And there is no evidence that vaccines will not be effective against serious disease from the new strain.

Doctors in South Africa who have seen a rise in Omicrons Infection, It is said that the patients there show mild symptoms compared to the previous symptoms. In Botswana, where the new variant is believed to have originated, 16 of 19 confirmed cases (84 percent) were asymptomatic.

And in Israel, officials say the Pfizer booster from Omicron provides up to 90 percent protection against serious illness. Other drugmakers hope to be able to replace their own boosters within months.

Meanwhile, the world should know by now its serious cost???? Both financially and in terms of public health???? To impose broad-based lockdowns and strict restrictions. In the past 18 months, the COVID lockdown has caused countless businesses to shut down, supply-chain jams, children (unnecessarily) falling behind in school, social life ruined, suicides on the rise. , , It was a mistake we cannot afford to repeat.

Officials say it will take a few more weeks to get a better fix on Omicron???? Its infectivity, how well vaccines work against it, its lethality, and what it takes to defeat it. Scientists note that Omicron has far more mutations than other strains, so there is certainly, as President Joe Biden said, cause for concern.

So when Omicron emerged, we supported a ban on travel from countries of concern, at a time when little was known about it. The problem is, some officer-???? Weak-sleeping Democrats, in particular, who mistake widespread lockdowns for leadership – ???? Once again restrictions can be relaxed. For example, Mayor de Blasio urged the wearing of indoor masks, and Governor Cathy Hochul declared a state of emergency.

But panic can be deadly too: if lockdown is a cure???? As for Omicron, you can bet they’ll be worse than the disease.


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