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Omicron COVID-19 type cases are being confirmed across the country this weekend.


The first case of “anxiety type” was identified in a California resident in the Golden State and public health officials said Friday that at least five people in Alameda County were tense after attending a wedding in Wisconsin last month. were infected with.


Five people who have confirmed – and “mildly symptomatic” – Omicron cases Are part of a group of 12 vaccinated people Between the ages of 18 and 49 who have tested positive for COVID-19, according to the Alameda County Department of Public Health.

One of them had returned from an international trip and went to a wedding on November 27. Genomic sequencing has not yet been completed for the remaining seven cases. “Most” of the 12 people had received booster shots.

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Contact tracing has improved in some states as OMICRON reaches the US

New Jersey and Georgia

Also on Friday officials said that there is a woman who recently traveled from South Africa First confirmed case in both New Jersey and Georgia of variants.

The woman, a fully vaccinated Georgia resident who tested positive on Sunday, said Gov. Phil Murphy of New Jersey and the state Department of Health.

Officials said she sought care for general symptoms in an emergency room and is recovering and living in isolation.

The Georgia Department of Public Health said the woman was in Georgia for two days between her arrival from South Africa and her trip to New Jersey, noting that contact tracing Was running in both Georgia and New Jersey.


Missouri health officials reported Friday The state’s first estimated case of the variant in a St. Louis resident, and a release from the St. Louis Department of Health awaits confirmation from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The resident had recently traveled within the US and it is not clear whether he has been vaccinated.

“There are no concerns about this resident’s health at this time,” said Dr. Mati Hlatswayo Davis, director of the St. Louis Department of Health.


Utah health officials announced Its first cases of the Omicron type were confirmed on Friday in an older adult who has been fully vaccinated and has traveled to South Africa.

The state health department said the patient has received monoclonal antibody treatment and is experiencing mild symptoms.


Colorado traces the centenary state second case of the Omicron variant in a patient who had recently traveled to South Africa and tested positive for COVID-19.

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Boulder health officials said in a statement that the patient is currently in isolation and that county and state health departments are notifying his close contacts.


philadelphia department of public health Pennsylvania’s first case announced of the Omron edition on Friday.

It was not clear whether the 30-year-old had been vaccinated against COVID-19 or if he was travelling, but health officials said contact tracing was underway.

A man takes a COVID-19 test at a mobile testing site near Grand Central Terminal on Friday, December 3, 2021 in New York.


Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan said on Friday That health officials have confirmed the first three cases of the Omicron type among residents of the state.

All three cases are from the Baltimore metropolitan area and two are from the same household, including a vaccinated person who recently traveled to South Africa and a non-vaccinated person who was a close contact of that person.

The third case was of a vaccinated person who has no known recent travel history and is not related to others. However, contact tracing efforts are on, the officials assured.

New York, Nebraska, Hawaii and Minnesota

Omicron has also been found in New York, Nebraska, Hawaii and Minnesota.

Given the realities of international travel, scientists and public health officials said it was inevitable that the Omicron variant would be discovered in the US; They believe it must have been spreading in the country before it was detected.

Much is unknown about Omicron, including how contagious it is, whether it can survive vaccines and immune responses, and whether it makes people more seriously ill.

The coronavirus is constantly evolving, but most of the mutations are insignificant. The delta version is still to blame over 99% of current COVID-19 cases.

World and US leaders have taken swift action in an effort to reduce the spread, announcing travel restrictions late last month.

on Saturday, Rio de Janeiro cancels its New Year’s Eve party Due to renewed COVID-19 fears. The Ministry of Health has confirmed five omicron cases in Brazil.

New cases of COVID-19 in South Africa – which earlier alerted the World Health Organization (WHO) to the version – have risen from nearly 200 a day in mid-November to more than 16,000 on Friday.