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Desi Cuellar, an the former bartender who was once homeless, discussed taking on Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the 2022 New York congressional race. He joined Granthshala Business’s “Morning with Maria” to discuss their platform and where AOC’s success came from.

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Desi Culler: The main reason my policy differs from AOC is that, in fact, I love this country and I hate any form of ideology that seeks to undermine or destroy the independence of this country, I hate it. Because my family had fled the communist dictatorship in Cuba.

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My Forum – 100% Police Supporter. The least we can do is stand with our police, if our police is going to answer calls when needed. There should not be a question that our MLAs support our police officers. We need to help the education system – no parent should be left without an opinion or opinion on what is being taught to their children. So, for example, critical race theory? It should be completely off the table.

And then just an overhaul on cryptocurrencies as well. You know, the easing of regulations on businesses by the government, and in cryptocurrencies in general, so that we can help grow the market.

I think that [AOC’s success is] Because left-wing media, social media, leans a little more toward those types of outlets, and AOC has a lot of followers on social media. As far as a lawmaker herself, she is the least effective lawmaker in New York State, according to the Center for Effective Lawmaking, which obtains information from Congress.gov. They are non-partisan. And he essentially said he got zero action on committees of any kind. He has got no floor vote on everything he has tried to pass, and everything he has tried to pass has become law. So it is not my opinion that she is not good at her job – that is a verifiable fact.

Former bartender once homeless will challenge AOC

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