One of the biggest prop bets of the Super Bowl could have been ruined

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    The Super Bowl gets a whole lot of prop bets, a collection of lines from books around the world with hyper-casual betters appealing to people to put money on everything. There is some bad news: one of the other Super Super Bowl prop bets ruined for a die-hard reporter with a cell phone.

    Zach Maskavich, a reporter with WESH from Orlando, found himself on Friday afternoon near Raymond James Stadium, the site of Super Bowl LV. His timing was very lucky – while he was out, Zazmin Sullivan and Eric Church were practicing their singing of the national anthem, which they would perform before kickoff.

    Now, Massavik knew he was quite popular based on how long the anthem would last, so he started recording, took out his cell phone, and knew how long his sound was checked.

    “I thought it was a lot of fun,” Muskavich told ESPN’s David Purdum. “Some of the responses are hilarious; Some people are really crazy. “

    As Purudum pointed out, Muskavich’s video caused some upheaval in the gambling world, as a bookpoint out of Australia saw the money run out after the video went up, and in response, he bets Stopped applying. Line. If it ruined any of your prop plans, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.


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