TORONTO – Ontario is preparing to launch a digital identity program in the coming months, which means people will no longer need to carry a physical driver’s license or health card.

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According to the government of Ontario digital identification program To be launched in late 2021.

On Wednesday, the province revealed more details about the program, saying it would be a “convenient and easy identification solution” for Ontario.


How does this work?

Ontarians will be able to obtain an electronic version of their trusted government ID – such as a driver’s license and health card – which the government calls more secure and safe.

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Your ID will be stored in a digital wallet app, which will be available for download on smartphones and other devices such as tablets and laptops.

digital id Will allow people and businesses to prove who they are online and in person.

According to the government, Digital ID will offer more privacy to the users.

“For example, if you need to show that you are of adult age, the verifier will only know that you are over 18, not your date of birth or actual age,” the government says.

Digital ID is not stored in a central database and is only saved on your personal mobile device, which can be remotely locked if it is stolen.

digital id

The government says that Digital ID is not a tracking device and will not track where you have used your ID.

Where can you use it?

Ontarians will be able to use their digital ID in a variety of locations.

The government says it will take “years to unlock the full potential of digital ID” but has provided a list of where people can use it when the program launches.

Some settings include:

  • Shop by age (like a lottery ticket)

  • picking up a package at the post office

  • Apply for government assistance (such as disability assistance) or benefits (such as CERB or EI)

  • Access and access vaccination records

  • open a bank account

  • make a medical appointment

  • go to the doctor

  • access medical records online

  • Obtain, renew or replace driving license

  • Apply for, renew or replace a health card

  • Renew or replace license plate stickers

As a business, Digital ID can be used to:

  • recruitment of new employees

  • Providing business identity or verifying the identity of other businesses

  • open business accounts

  • Apply for Loans, Grants, Tax Credits

  • Verify Customer Identity

click here For a more detailed list of where a Digital ID can be used.

How do you get a digital ID?

The government has not yet launched the Digital ID program.

When it becomes available, people will download the Ontario Digital Wallet app to their mobile device or computer.

They will then sign up for the program and verify their ID either online or in person.

Users will then be able to add the ID card to their digital wallet and it will be ready for use.