Open-world ‘Metroid Prime’ game was scrapped, producer reveals

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The non-linear Samus adventure was scrapped during the production of Metroid Prime 3.

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Brian Walker, the former Retro Studios director and producer in development, recently revealed canceled plans for an open world Metroid Prime Play.

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during an interview with Kiwi Talks, the developer revealed that during production Metroid Prime 3, he and the series’ director, Mark Pacini, had planned a game that would see Samus explore a non-linear world.

While the concept made it through several stages of prototyping, the scale of the proposed additions was ultimately too much to handle. During a podcast, first reported by VGC, Walker revealed that “Mark came forward with an interesting twist in sight and some sources Metroid Prime 3, Compared to Metroid Prime 2“.


Walker continued: “There was also an open world that was a lot less linear than what they proposed and the team was excited. We weren’t able to prototype a lot of them because they were really big. We had a few ship prototypes , but the open world was a huge one.

These plans were scrapped partly due to the Nintendo Wii’s hardware, which was expected to be significantly more powerful than the retro system ended up being.

Comparing it to the Xbox 360, Walker said, “We knew what was going to happen in the Xbox 360, we knew what was going to happen in the PS3 and the initial specs we were looking for. [for Wii] Were not competitors from the hardware and memory point of view…”

Although the developer expressed some regret that the game didn’t live up to the team’s lofty ambitions, Retro is proud of the work it put in. Metroid Prime 3.

“Maybe we’ve fallen short of our goals prime 3 Because of not being able to elaborate the formula a bit. We are still very, very proud prime 3, it turned out to be a great game…”


According to an industry insider, Nintendo plans to release a remaster Metroid Prime For Nintendo Switch.

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