Opinion: Maria Ressa’s Nobel is for all of us

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When Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte was asked shortly before his swearing-in what he would do about the high murder rate of journalists, and declared“Just because you’re a journalist doesn’t make you exempt from murder, if you’re the son of ab*tch,” I shuddered to one of the most courageous journalists ever. But she kept on going.
Resa, a Filipino American who spent nearly two decades at Granthshala, founded the online news organization Rapper in the Philippines in 2012. Since then, Duterte’s government has done almost everything in its power. To silence him and put the rapper out of business.

But the most important thing that everyone should know about his work is that it is much more than the Philippines.

As she has faced the brutality of Duterte’s regime, and a relentless legal campaign, including her repeated arrests (Government had filed 10 arrest warrants Against him, she said seven legal cases are still pending), Resa has become a fighter for doing her bit for the right of fact-based journalists everywhere, which means she fights for everyone’s right to know the truth. is struggling.
He is now a symbol in the campaign to defend democracy against autocrats who manipulate public opinion, abuse the legal system against perceived enemies, Unleash the crowd of social media followers Against his critics, who distort the truth and fill society with fake news accusing liars of lying. It is the big lies and the small lies – as are familiar to many Americans by now – designed to create confusion in order to serve the purpose of democracy.
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In other words, Resa is fighting everyone’s battle.

I’m following his career and write about his plight for years, through his arrest, threats against him and his rising profile on the global stage. I’ve never seen him seek the limelight, but he has deservedly achieved fame. This is not only because she is good at her job, but because her struggle resonates in the great struggle of our times, the world’s inclination towards autocracy, and the efforts of millions of people around the world to save democracy.

A free press is a bigger part of that struggle than ever before.

According to Reporters Without Borders, journalism “t.” Iscompletely blocked or severely obstructed It ranks in 73 percent out of 180 countries. It’s a global battle, and Ressa, Muratov and many other journalist heroes are literally risking their lives to win it.

For those of us who saw Ressa’s dog in earlier years as an international reporter for Granthshala, this is hardly surprising. She was Granthshala’s Manila bureau chief, later Jakarta bureau chief. He covered Asia with an intensity, integrity and courage that reflects his stature today. It is no exaggeration to say that there was no dictator, no terrorist, no coup d’état whom she feared to trouble. He got the story, even though it angered powerful, dangerous men.

Perhaps its small size (she’s 5′ 2″) caused them to underestimate her – a phenomenon I’ve experienced. Maybe that’s why Duterte thought he could easily overcome her.
When they first came to power, they thought rappers could be helpful. Duterte, a pioneer in social media manipulation Talked to the rapper to reach the Facebook crowds. But then the rapper began reporting on Duterte’s vicious “war on drugs”, a campaign confirmed by human rights groups. has killed thousands without any due process. (To see the horrifying way Duterte weaponized the crowd on social media, click here to catch him check it.)
No less heroic are the efforts of Muratov, editor-in-chief of Novaya Gazeta. Muratov founded the paper in 1993 with a group of journalists, and they managed to continue their important investigative work, even as Vladimir Putin’s regime crushed other truth-tellers. muratov told TASS news agency that The award is for “those who died defending people’s right to freedom of expression.”

Some may question whether the fight for freedom of expression and freedom of the press falls into the same category as the pursuit of peace, the formal objective of the Nobel Peace Prize. The answer is a clear yes.

Misinformation kills. propaganda the war has started. Without journalism, without a clear distinction between fact and texture, we cannot take people into account, we cannot gain knowledge to protect against those who seek to gain, enhance or keep power in our country and our country. Will sacrifice people. When truth is inaccessible, freedom begins to fade and peace becomes elusive.
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I am happy and grateful that my friend Maria Russa has made it this far.

Bravo, Maria and Dimitri! Bravo, and thanks.


Credit : www.cnn.com

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