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A few days ago, the North American Leaders’ Summit took place in Washington, DC, which traditionally brings together the heads of the executive branch of Canada, the United States and Mexico. Suspended during Donald Trump’s administration, the meeting itself represents something important for Mexico: to clarify the territorial business of the United States.

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The polarization by AMLO in Mexico led the analysis to focus almost entirely on her performance, what she said or didn’t say and what she did or didn’t do and little or nothing in the meeting.

I think it’s important to have a little perspective. The meeting was convened and scheduled by Joe Biden a few days earlier, and as a reference his need to demonstrate his ability to compete with China and other regions, both internally and externally. In this argument, those who expected or wanted a harsh meeting with complaints, outbursts, and a negative balance from AMLO were guided more by their identification with one side of the above polarization than by reality. The confrontation is not in Biden’s styles, nor in Trudeau’s, and even less so when the call is attended to diligently and disciplined.


In keeping with its style, AMLO put forward a few issues. I’m not an optimist, talking about issues doesn’t solve them, what works for them in Mexico and not because they’re resolved, but because it allows them to articulate a discourse With which he becomes politically strong.


For example, he spoke on the issue of regularization of undocumented migrants in the United States. During the first three years of his government, he didn’t even mention the issue that concerns 4 million Mexicans and, for two weeks, he found it in a drawer on his desk that he hadn’t opened. , he has touched it many times. He could go ahead and propose what is done in Europe where free social and labor movement takes place, and in practice the market controls who lives and works in each country.

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What he said is, unfortunately, all the arguments in the world for regularizing migrants on a supply-demand basis of labor in the United States and Canada. As if he applied that logic to Central American immigrants in Mexico, whom he violently repressed. Lacking in the neoliberal or social perspective that he loves so much, but hey or he forgot or thought he had to give another speech at the White House. As they say Groucho Marx said. These are my theories, but if you don’t like them, I have more.

His analyst-cheerleaders, on the other end of the polarization, were quick to applaud the candidness and courage of the president. Some said that, finally, and for the first time in history, a Mexican president dared to speak on the issue at the White House. They have poor or at least selective memory. Vicente Fox, in 2001, directed by Jorge Castaneda, then Secretary of Foreign Relations, put together and presented, not once, but several times, a proposal to redefine relations with the United States in which the axis of unspecified Mexican There was regularization and which, colloquially, was simply called the “complete enchilada”, because of its integrity and taking an American expression.

AMLO receives some profit from the meeting. The United States pledged to support the expansion of its programs in Central America to “counter the causes of migration,” as it calls it. Not because they believe it will stop migration. Nobody believes this. Furthermore, the resources they would allocate for this would be ridiculous compared to the size of the problem. But those dollars allow the US to achieve the objective of the meeting, which is to present the region as a united state with common commercial and production objectives. For AMLO, this support, no matter how small, will allow it to present its programs in Mexico and to its public with success, and international recognition, not only that the United States provides resources .

Certainly, the trip could have been more productive for reasons of form as well. The subjugation and lack of agenda itself are made even more apparent by narrowing down the cause of the call to the agenda, congratulating countrymen from the window does not replace a true meeting with representatives of the Mexican community in the United States and Could have met other relevant actors like Trudeau. It does not appear that the State Department or the Mexican ambassador to the United States have yet to understand how things are progressing in Washington.

Otherwise, the meeting served the purposes of Joe Biden, for whom it was called, to clarify the existence of North American territory. No doubt he has already sent the photo to China. Real problems such as the migratory flow of Mexicans and Central Americans into the United States, organized crime that controls a large portion of Mexican territory and through which tons of fentanyl and other illicit substances pass with no real capacity for the United States and Mexico Huh. They can continue to wait, when it looks like it is going backwards, to integrate the region economically.

* Jorge Santibanez is the president Mexa Institute

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