The scam-a-service has arrived. And it is criminalizing millions.

According to one report, Operation 2020, an organized scandal composed of 40 groups operating in Europe, Soviet-Soviet satellite countries and the US, was “at least” $ 6.5 million. Group-IB, Singapore-based cyber-intelligence company.

The automatic scam-a-in-service operation, Group-IB said, has been dubbed by Group-IB under the name “Classiscum”, designed to steal money and payment data.

The plan uses telegram bots that use ready-to-use pages that mimic the brand names of popular international classifieds and marketplaces, including Lebanon, Allegro, OLX, FAN Courier and Sobazar, Group-IB, Group-IB said to alert all affected brands sent notifications in it.

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Telegram bot, Typically, Telegram accounts are operated by software (not people) and according to Telegram they often have AI features.

About 20 groups operate in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, France, Poland, Romania, the US and post-Soviet Union countries, while 20 more groups operate in Russia, Group-IB said.

Group-IB said the scheme, which initially targeted popular distribution brands, is now “growing rapidly” in other regions around the world.

A Group-IB spokesperson told Granthshala News in an email, “By fine-tuning their operations in European countries … scammers are now trying to win the US market.”

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A Group-IB spokesperson said, “The popularity of Clasicum lies in its simplicity and ability to measure scandal.”

“Automated management … continuously attracts new members through Telegram chat bots, who simply need to send a link with the bait product to Telegram chatbots to get a fishing kit including courier service, payment and URL completion Happens, ”the spokesman said.

Recommendations for dealing with these groups include:

Before entering your login details and payment information, double check the URL and Google. If the site is only a few months old, then it is a scam or phishing page.

When using services to rent or sell new and used goods, do not switch to a messenger service. Put all your communication in official chat.