‘Orie’ director criticizes ‘cyberpunk’ developers and others, later apologizing

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    “I’m really sorry, especially the ones I mentioned by name”

    Thomas Mahler, Sports Director for Orient and the Blind Forest, And CEO of Moon Studios, took to the popular sports platform Rister To express disappointment at deceptive marketing practices.

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    Mahler’s post criticized Steven Molenx, CDProjekt Red and Sean Murray, who he called a “snake oil seller” for his promises to promote his game to the public.

    Molenexes, such as game developers black and white And capable, Mahler said: “It took them to release some pretty damn-rude games to the press and gamers and ultimately no longer hear lies.”

    He Next critique of Sean Murray, director of No man’s sky, Which stated that “brought up multiplayer that didn’t exist and people were very happy to think that No Man’s Sky was ‘Minecraft in Space’, where you could literally do everything.”

    In the end, he stated that CD Project Red’s PR department “took all the signs that worked for Molencnax and Murray and just thoroughly apposed with it” and continued to say that “he simply said We stopped this thing to cure cancer. “

    Mahler said that he personally encountered it as a developer, the way the press handled these claims, saying that “I found a cover article for almost any magazine I read often, but ultimately chose them Lying No man’s sky The reason was the ‘big game’.

    “I really feel like he’s bamboo once” No man’s sky Came out and it became clear that all this propaganda was really just built on lies. ”

    The post generated much discussion, with Mahlear facing considerable criticism, before it was eventually closed by intermediaries in the Reseterra.

    Mahler said on Twitter yesterday (February 4) to apologize, “he was” screwed “and he was not considerate” [he] Presented [his] idea. “

    Mahler concludes his statement with the following: “I am truly sorry, especially to those I have mentioned by name. I promise that I will learn this mistake and have no hard feelings towards anyone. “

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