Kathy Barnett, a black woman from Pennsylvania running for the US Senate as a Republican, criticized President Biden’s previous comments in a Wednesday tweet.

Barnett, 49, is aiming to become the first black Republican woman to serve in the US Senate; In college 11 black americans Has served in the Senate throughout its 232-year history.

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“I’m Kathy Barnett, and I’m going to be the first Black Republican [w]Oman elected to the US Senate, “She tweeted with the announcement of her candidacy. I will be the voice we need to protect our rights.”

She Added: “And by the way, Joe, just because I believe in competent leadership doesn’t mean ‘I’m not black!”

The tweet mentions a comment made in May after making the suggestion during a controversial radio interview with Charlemagne T. Lord, stating that the difficult times are “figuring out” whether to support him or President Trump ” Is not black. “

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“If you have a problem whether you are for me or for Trump, you are not black,” he said, sparking backlash from many politicians and pundits on social media and TV.

Biden regretted the comment during a May phone call with black business owners.

“I shouldn’t have been such an intelligent person,” Biden said. “… No one should vote for any party on the basis of their caste or religion or background.”

In the first week of his presidency, President Biden signed several executive orders aimed at promoting racial equity in the US, following a campaign promise he made last year amid racial protests around the country.

Barnett is a veteran, a former assistant professor of corporate finance and author of the book, “Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain: Being Black and Conservative in America”, according to his campaign website.

Granthshala News’ Paul Steinhauser contributed to this report.