Ottawa – The closing ceremony of the Panda Game in Ottawa’s Sandy Hill neighborhood as party men occupied a residential street, overturned a car and left a trail of garbage and debris.

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Mayor Jim Watson says he is “absolutely disgusted” by the incidents, and Ottawa police say they are investigating “multiple incidents of criminal behavior” as a large crowd gathered near the University of Ottawa campus late Saturday Went.

About 2,000 students descended on the neighborhood after 8 p.m. to celebrate the Gee-Gess’s victory over Carleton University at the annual football game on Saturday afternoon.


Police say a car overturned and a man was assaulted during the incident, while paramedics took seven people to the hospital.

Owen Stanton-Kennedy said a crowd began building up between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. Saturday, and police were trying to disperse him.

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“After a point someone yelled, ‘They can’t stop us, we can still have our street party,'” Stanton-Kennedy said.

Granthshala News Ottawa cameras were on the scene as a large street party captured Russell Avenue between Somerset Street and Templeton Street at approximately 11:30 p.m. Footage showed hundreds of people in the middle of the road, with some overturned vehicles.

As the crowd dispersed on Sunday morning, a witness told Granthshala News Ottawa, “The kids went crazy and they loved flipping three cars and they were partying on it.”

“It’s just crazy.”

Ottawa police were present at the scene to keep an eye on the cruiser party and to block the road late Saturday.

Police said in a statement Sunday afternoon that investigators are investigating several incidents of criminal behavior and are reviewing social media and video from the scene.

Before and after the game on Saturday, Ottawa police and bylaws increased patrols around Sandy Hill, Old Ottawa South and Glebe as well as TD Place.

“The pre- and post-game events were very safe and did not disrupt the neighborhood. However, after 8 p.m., large crowds began to gather at several addresses in Sandy Hill,” police said.

“OPS redeployed a large number of officers and called in members of the Emergency Services Unit. Officers worked with partners from the RCMP, and City Bylaws, paramedics, and the Ottawa Fire Services to control and manage groups of people. did.”

Police say the crowd in the Russell Avenue area became “very disruptive” in some cases.

“In one incident, a car overturned and a man was assaulted. Police are reviewing the evidence and have found no criminal charges under the Ontario Act, the Liquor License Act, city bylaws as well as criminal will also make charges applicable to the Canadian Code,” police said on Sunday afternoon.

“These behaviors are unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Investigators are assigned to identify anyone who perpetrates the crime. OPS will also work with staff from the University of Ottawa and Carleton University where students of those people engage in these behaviours. were involved.”

As of 1 p.m. Sunday, no one had been charged in relation to the incidents.

panda game

Mayor Watson says he has spoken to Ottawa Police Chief Peter Slowley about the incident and several investigations are underway.

“I am absolutely disappointed by the behavior of the people who attended the unruly party on Russell Avenue after yesterday’s Panda Game,” Watson said on Twitter Sunday morning.

“Individuals including police officers were injured and damage to private and public property occurred.”

Meyer said the behavior of some students is “completely unacceptable.”

“The people involved should be ashamed of their stupid and immature behaviour,” Watson said.

“Most of the students enjoyed the game as well as the pre-game activities. Sadly, the post-game events at Sandy Hill were devastating, especially as we continue our fight against COVID-19.”

During a Granthshala News show on Sunday evening, Watson responded to criticism from some neighbors that police were not present.

“The problem happened after 9 o’clock, and my understanding is that at 9 o’clock there was no serious activity, the police started pulling out some of their reinforcements and then unfortunately I think that’s when social media lit up and people Were saying, ‘Come on Russell Avenue,’ said Watson.

“Obviously, thousands showed up. Lessons learned, and I know the chiefs will review it.”

The mayor says he will meet with Chief Slowly and Conn. Matthew Fleury discussed the situation on Monday.

A photo posted on social media at 1 a.m. showed a car overturned and damaged in the middle of Russell Avenue, while garbage was strewn across the street.

Steve Higham posted a video on Twitter showing thousands of people on Russell Avenue. Higham told Granthshala News Ottawa on Sunday afternoon that it was “good three hours” before he saw any police activity, and by then the crowd had dispersed due to rain.

“You can hear people start cheering and there was a bunch of people saying it was a good idea to turn the car over for whatever reason,” Higham said in an interview with Granthshala News Ottawa.

Witnesses say the owner of the car confronted people who overturned his vehicle, and were punched in the face.

Higham said he decided he would sit on the porch of his Russell Avenue home on Saturday night to prevent people from going into the bathroom of his home.

“I saw people standing on it as it was on its side and then it rolled over again which was scary enough, I was worried they were going to pin people or it would fall on someone,” Higham said.

“I had guessed at the time that the police was going to sweep and take the people along, but that didn’t happen. The police sat at the end of the street and watched things become transparent.”

Stanton-Kennedy says he heard a “massive crash” in the middle of the evening, after discovering the car was being overturned.

Stanton-Kennedy said, “They were stumbling upon the car and trying to destroy it, they were using road signs that they had taken down and there was also a metal barrier that I think The crowd was set up.”

Owen Wood attended a party in the area.

“It got more intense at the end of the night, more people, the level of intoxication was probably higher and probably more irresponsibility towards the end of the night,” Wood said.

Ottawa paramedics say seven people were taken to a hospital from Sandy Hill on Saturday night for minor injuries or intoxication. The condition of all the seven people is stated to be stable.

Count Fleury told Granthshala News Ottawa Sunday morning that the Ottawa Police, Ottawa Bylaw and Regulatory Services and Ontario’s Alcohol and Gaming Commission are investigating the Sandy Hill incidents.

In a statement on Twitter, Fleury called Saturday night’s events “outrageous and unacceptable.”

“I encourage all officials to conduct a thorough investigation; press charges and fines for the organizers and participants,” Fleury said Sunday afternoon. “Such hooliganism is selfish, puts the community at risk, and cannot proceed without consequences.”

In the days before the panda game, police, bylaw services, and both the University of Ottawa and Carleton University urged students to be good neighbors during panda game weekend.

Uotawa had planned a cleanup patrol at Sandy Hill on Sunday morning after the first panda game.

A sanitation worker will be posted in the locality at 11 am on Sunday.

Stanton-Kennedy summed up the mood of many Sandy Hill residents, saying, “It was not a fun night.”

“Sports is not the issue. It is the environment around the game that needs to change.”

Stanton-Kennedy says panda games after parties weren’t an issue until 2016.

“Each subsequent year will get worse and worse.”

Higham says he doesn’t want to see the Panda game canceled after this year’s events.

“I’m not sure what’s the best way to crack down on the party, but I think they should continue because it’s a cool event, brings people together, builds school spirit, but obviously That what happened last night is not acceptable.”

The University of Ottawa Gee-Geis defeated the Carleton Ravens 19-17 to 52. wonRa Panda game on TD Place.

‘We were extremely disappointed’: Uotawa says

The University of Ottawa says it will fully support that those responsible for the damage at Sandy Hill be dealt with through a judicial institution.

“To all those who behaved recklessly and dangerously last night: You should know that your actions were shameful and unacceptable,” Uttawa President and Vice Chancellor Jacques Fremont and Jill Scott, Prevost and Vice President, Academic Affairs, said in a statement. Is.

“We expect all students – from our own and other institutions – to uphold the values ​​of civility and respect. We also expect you to respect public health guidelines. If you were part of the crowd that suffered damage and Were responsible for the disrespect, then you have to do better.”

The statement said the university was “extremely disappointed” to learn of some students gathering on the streets of Sandy Hill to “celebrate loudly and irresponsibly”.

Fremont and Scott wrote in a statement released after 2 p.m. Sunday, “To the residents of Sandy Hill, we deeply regret the loss, as well as the fear and anxiety you suffered last night due to these events.” lay down.”

“Sandy Hill is our home, and you – its residents – are our valued neighbors. The people who have done so much disrespect to our community are as hurtful to us as they are to our community as a whole.”

With files from the Canadian Press