Paramore share another clip of a new song, announce two LA gigs

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Excitement is building around the long-awaited return of Hayley Williams and co

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Looks like Paramore has shared another snippet of the upcoming track as they announce two new shows in LA.

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The Hayley Williams-fronted trio, whose latest album “After Laughter” came out in 2017, signaled the start of their next era on social media last week. Early next month the band will hit the road in North America for their first live show in more than four years.

According to a press release, they will offer select gigs fans a “one-time opportunity to see Paramore in a range of intimate locations.”


After posting a brief clip of what sounds like a new song on Discord, Paramore has now uploaded another in-the-studio video. In the latest clip we hear what is possibly a different part of the same unknown track.

This time, the studio footage was uploaded to a mystery TikTok account called ‘IsthisvisthithesisWhy’, The same phrase appears in the clip as the title of the audio, perhaps alluding to the name of an upcoming single.

No other videos have been shared by the profile at the time of this writing – check out the new teaser below.


Original Sound – IsThis WhyIsThisIs Why

Tomorrow (September 12), Williams and co. He also added two Los Angeles concerts to his 2022 itinerary. They will perform at The Wilton on Thursday, 20 October and at The Belasco on Thursday 27 October.

Announcing the pairing of the show, Paramore provided the following ticket information: “LA tickets are available for purchase and sale only through Ticketmaster’s face value ticket exchange.


“Face Value Exchange will allow fans to offer their tickets for resale exclusively through Ticketmaster at face value and not eligible for resale on third party sites for profit.”

Sale time yet to be confirmed – You can find more information hereAnd check out the announcement post below.

In January Paramore revealed that they were in the studio working on a new full-length album.

Williams explained at the time that he and guitarist Taylor York were missing some of his early influences before they began writing the LP. But the trio said that doesn’t mean they’ll release a “comeback ’emo” record.

This summer the frontperson gave another update on Paramore’s sixth album, saying it was inspired by Block Party.

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