Paul Newman’s Hole at the Wall Gang Camp successfully raised the estimated funds needed to rebuild the devastating fire star through the Ashford, Conn., Site.

Four of the camp’s buildings, which since 1988 offered emotional and life-threatening illnesses and an emotional escape for thousands of children from their families, were vandalized on February 12 after the explosion. No one was hurt in the “significant” fire.

Paul Newman’s fire breaks out in a fire camp

The camp store, arts and crafts, wood shop and cooking programs, located in an area known as Downtown, said Jimmy Canton, the chief executive officer of the camp, that it had been completely destroyed. Instagram posts.

Within the hour, however, the support of more than 3,000 former campers, current and former staff members and volunteers – who are familiar with the camp’s “transformative spirit and friendships that go hand-in-hand” – began pouring in.

As of Friday, the camp had received more than $ 900,000 from other sources, including charitable foundations, celebrities such as golfers Bubba Watson, And even families of the campers.

“As a result of the tremendous stroke of kindness and generosity from thousands of people in our camp family,” $ 1 million in donations Canton said on Tuesday that the initiative was “to inspire community support” by The Travelers Companies, Income and the Travelers Championship.

Passenger CEO Alan Schneizer said, “The fire may have come as a shock, but the surge of support was hardly a surprise.” “The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp has touched many people’s lives and countless hearts.”

Newman’s Own Housing, the other leading organization, donates billions of dollars to prevent the explosion incidents at various locations.

On top of a $ 1 million commitment from the company’s longtime charity partner, the Newman’s Own Foundation, they fund and structure the camp to “serve the current, future and various needs of the most well-ill children” Will allow The camp said.

“Everyone who donated, every camper family making money on social media and everyone who reached out with their prayers and wishes know that we are honored by your friendship,” Canton said in a statement on Tuesday. “It is because of this incredible support that we can now focus our efforts on rebuilding.”

Camp Provides ‘Children Like Serious Children’ With Serious Illnesses

After the blaze, the camp moved swiftly to remind the community on social media, although the iconic Old West-themed buildings were gone, memories of the camp and true purpose would survive.

“While these iconic buildings can be gone, the memories inside live forever and we will rebuild the downtown camp so that more children and families can experience the magic of the hole in the wall for many years to come,” said Camp Wrote

Kenton said the insurance would cover most of the reconstruction costs, but the plan is to build a better, much larger and safer single-tier campus, more accessible to children with a wide variety of material needs.

The camp plans to make the new buildings more durable than wood, with sprinkler systems and large underground cisterns.

The legendary camp serves 20,000 children and their families each year by changing traditional camp programs to provide “different types of therapy” so that anyone with physical or mental limitations can participate – and it’s completely free. .

Although The Hole in the Wall offers many camp experiences throughout the year on its base in Connecticut, staff members are also keen to provide “a variety of treatments” at camper homes, communities and more than 40 hospitals and clinics in the Northeast Work. Middle Atlantic.

The camp is funded in part through proceeds from the sale of Newman’s own brand products. The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp has also been the primary beneficiary of the Travelers Championship, a PGA Tour event held in Connecticut for over a decade.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.