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Paulina Porizzoka is back.

The 56-year-old model recently took a brief hiatus from Instagram when she set off on a “top secret” adventure, but returned to the photo-sharing app on Monday with a steamy photo of herself in bed.


In the photo, Porizkova is seen naked under the covers, smiling and flashing her feet to her followers.

Then he stormed into his comfortable bed in the caption.

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“The greatest invention of mankind. It is not fire, it is not wheel, it is not pre-cut bread…” she wrote. “It’s undeniably, undeniably, irrefutably—a mattress.”

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She said she is “convinced” that a good mattress is the reason humans live longer “these days”.

The 56-year-old model spilled water on her mattress in the caption of her post.

“If the bones are deprived of a comfortable place to rest, the beauty and intelligence of middle age is quickly lost,” the model said. “Here’s to the padding that supports us while we sleep—hay or straw, down or feathers, coils or foam—whatever it is—as long as it is! #sleep #mattress #goodtobeback #stayinginbed.”

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The star addressed his recent absence from the social media platform.

“Yeah, I’m back and no, I can’t even whisper my sufferings,” she teased. “All will be revealed next spring.”

Porizkova recently took a break from Instagram during a 'top secret' adventure.

On September 30, the star shared a photo of herself sitting on a dark Vespa with blonde hair on her shoulders and revealed that she is taking a break from the app.

“Aaand, I’m off! Greetings to all my dear IG friends, supporters, peeps and even you little trolls,” she began in the caption. “I’m going on a grand adventure. Definitely top secret, because those things happen to see at a later date. I’ll miss you all for the next three weeks. I’m excited, frightened, worried, and this Full of gratitude for the opportunity.”

He continued: “And I never ride my Vespa without a helmet. This was just for a shot by my friend @jillgreenberg, who is a frequent backseat passenger and can testify to helmet use.”

In Monday’s post, Porizkova also responded to a commenter who suggested she shows “less skin.”

“You have brains and wit and a bright smile,” wrote the social media user in part, to which Porizkova replied: “I’m not old. I’m happily middle-aged. And a middle-aged woman Showing off my skin is absolutely my thing. Because that’s what we don’t see enough of. Being my age doesn’t mean I should just get the glee.

“I appreciate your compliments so much, but I’d be showing too much skin. [sic] It offends you, you might want to unfollow,” she concluded.