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Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and House Democrats passed on President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda as a “moral obligation” at an interfaith event on Capitol Hill on Wednesday.

Pelosi, along with members of Congress and leaders of the faith community, said provisions in the $3.5 trillion reconciliation spending bill that address climate change and provide services for children and families are intended to improve future generations. were important.


White House continues to debunk zero-cost claim on Biden’s agenda

“We have a moral obligation to pass the plan through in a responsible way for our children,” Pelosi said.

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Representative Rosa Delaro, a pro-abortion Democrat, described her Catholic faith as promoting the “common good” and said the federal government has a “moral purpose” and a “moral responsibility” to deliver that common good.

“I have long believed that our role as legislators is to advance the dignity of life and the dignity of every human being,” said the Connecticut representative.

Rep. Terry Sewell, D-Ala. also described the passage of the bill as a “moral imperative”.

Specifically referring to the health care provisions in the bill, he said, “I am proud to stand with my colleagues that this is not just an imperative, it is a moral imperative.”

The bill, which has already passed the House, is stalled in the Senate as the president continues to negotiate the price with liberals and progressive Democrats.