Pelosi says right wing DC rally is meant to ‘praise the people who were out to kill’

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democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi criticized those planning to attend a rally outside the Capitol building later this month, arguing that they are “coming back to praising those who don’t” during the January 6 uprising. were out to kill”.

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As per an internal memorandum received by CNNCapitol police prepare for the potential for violence during a planned right-wing protest outside Congress in Washington DC on September 18.

officials have told The Associated Press that far-right extremists are expected to participate in the rally, such as members of the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers.


The rally is called “Justice for J6” and aims to raise voice in support of the Capitol riots and suspected rebels who have been criminally charged and sentenced for participating in the siege.

The goal of the riot was to prevent Congress from authenticating President Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory.

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Interest in the incident increased when the identity of the officer who shot Trump supporter Ashley Babbitt was revealed. CNN. Ms Babbitt died of her injuries after being shot as she tried to climb through a broken window toward parts of the Capitol building where lawmakers were still present.

Ms Pelosi condemned the intention of those who protested outside the Capitol on 18 September.

“These people are coming back to praise those who were out to kill members of Congress,” he told reporters on Wednesday. He said that the rioters were “successfully” [caused] The deaths of our law enforcement…”.

When asked about the security measures around the Capitol, he said, “Our intention is to uphold the integrity of the Capitol.” “What happened on January 6 was an attack on this beautiful capitol, a capitol under the dome that Lincoln built during the Civil War.”

As per the memorandum received by CNNThere has been an increase in violent online rhetoric in relation to the September 18 incident. The memo states that some attendees may also see the rally as a “Justice for Ashley Babbit” event, not just an opportunity to support criminally charged suspected rioters.

An online chat suggested that Jewish centers and liberal churches be attacked, while law enforcement distracted from the rally.

Capitol Police requested that a temporary fencing be installed around the Capitol. The request is likely to be approved but the fence is expected to be small and not interfere with traffic.

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe CNN That law enforcement should take the rally “very seriously. In fact, they should take it more seriously, because they took the same kind of intelligence they saw on Jan. 5.

Lead rally organizer Matt Brainard told the outlet: “This is a completely peaceful protest. And we’ve told people that when they come, we don’t want to see any messages about elections, we don’t want to see T-shirts and flags or any messages about candidates or anything like that.

Around 500 people have indicated that they are likely to attend the rally.

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