Pensioner who stabbed husband to death had told police he was ‘a pain in the arse’

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A pensioner who stabbed her husband to death previously described it as a “pain in the ass” when police officers went to their home after an argument, jurors have heard.

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Penelope Jackson, 66, stabbed her 78-year-old husband David three times in the kitchen of their bungalow at Parsonage Road in Borough, Somerset, on February 13 this year.

Jackson admits to the murder of her husband of 24 years, a retired military officer, but denies the murder. She claims that he was coercive and controlling and was also physically violent towards her.


Bristol Crown Court was told on Monday that she had previously called police in December 2020 after her husband picked up poker and smashed a conservatory window before walking away.

This happened the day his pacemaker’s battery was replaced, and after an argument about how to use the remote control, they locked him in the conservatory to calm him down.

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In his 999 call about the poker incident, Jackson said: “I just got hurt in my arms. He grabbed me and threatened. I don’t want to say more. It’s not like him. He’s just crazy.” . I can’t explain.”

During that call, Jackson said that her husband branding poker had told her: “If you don’t go away I’ll use it on you”. However, he told the 999 operator that “he didn’t mean it”.

Jurors heard that Jackson was upset when police arrived at her home and feared that her husband would be “angry and angry”. An officer told her that the incident would be recorded as an assault and that the couple should not sleep in the same house that night.

Claire Wade QC defended that Jackson was “twitching his hands and his voice staggering several times” when he spoke to officers. At one point she pulled up the sleeve of her nightgown so that a small round wound was visible on her forearm before covering it again.

When police arrived, Mr. Jackson was in another room of the house with his son-in-law and an officer told him that he should spend the night in Bristol with his daughter. He replied saying that he doesn’t mind being arrested.

Sitting next to her daughter, Jackson told officers that her husband was controlling, though not to the extent that it would prevent her from meeting people. “That’s a pain in the ass,” she said, “that he’ll say I’m a control freak”.

Asked whether the poker incident should be pursued further, Jackson told officials: “Part of me wants to pay him for it, but despite this. Either we get over it or we divorce.” happens — at the moment, I don’t know how we go back from that.”

The jury heard that a police violence abuse questionnaire that was filled out by an officer who attended the call said that Jackson did not feel isolated, depressed or stalked. The argument apparently came out of the blue and Jackson said he believed it could be related to the pacemaker.

When the officer followed a few days later, Jackson said she and her husband had fixed the problem and that he had lowered the voltage on his pacemaker battery after a discussion with doctors. He had no recollection of what had happened.

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