Pentagon issues stark new warning about Havana Syndrome attacks as mystery drags on

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The Pentagon has warned national security officials to evacuate their immediate surroundings if they suddenly develop pressure, noise or heat in the head.

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The warning comes amid an ongoing fallout from Havana Syndrome, which has seen more than 100 US diplomatic staff suffer from a mysterious illness.

Employees, both domestic and foreign, have been asked to be on alert for symptoms, the cause of which is unclear.


“We need to have faith in our personnel who are coming forward,” said a senior administration official. McClatchy DC.

“People are facing real symptoms. We are very aware that people are experiencing something very real, and it is having a real negative impact on their health.

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“And we are seeing better health outcomes the sooner we can respond to this,” the official said.

Havana syndrome, which was first detected in Cuba, is a vague medical phenomenon that causes “sudden and disturbing sensory events”, often followed by “symptoms such as headache, pain, nausea, or disparity”.

More than a dozen US personnel have been left with permanent brain injuries and other chronic illnesses, with illnesses reported in Vietnam, Austria, China and Washington DC.

An unclassified report of the US State Department obtained by buzzfeed Cricket was found to be the most likely cause of illness.

It ruled out radio or microwave weapons being responsible for the buzz, which was one of the symptoms of the syndrome, and stated that the “most likely source” of the sounds was the Indian short-tailed cricket.

“Any plausible single source of energy (neither radio/microwave nor sonic) can produce both the recorded audio/video signal and the reported medical effect. We believe that recorded sounds are electronic. instead of being of mechanical or biological origin,” the report said.

Last month, the Defense Department issued guidance signed by Secretary of State Lloyd Austin encouraging US service members, DoD employees and federal contractors to report all cases of the disease.

“If you believe you have experienced a sensory event with a new onset of such symptoms, immediately remove yourself, coworkers and/or family members from the area and report the incident and symptoms to your command, safety. Give to the chain of officer and medical provider.

“If you have reason to believe that a colleague or co-workers have had a similar experience [anomalous health incidents]Please encourage those individuals to do the same,” Mr Austin wrote.

The CIA reportedly recalled its station chief in Vienna last month because he did not take seriously the outbreak of symptoms of Havana syndrome among embassy staff.


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