People Are Falling For This Hilarious Robert Dyas Spoof Ad. Again.

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Robert Dias’ six-year-old spoof ad is shocking people
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Robert Dias’ spoof ad from 2015 makes waves every time Christmas is just around the corner — and people seem to have fallen for it again this year.

A collection of DIY chain employees and customers speak directly to the camera for an ad and randomly announce their sexuality while promoting the store.

The first person on the screen says: “Hi, my name is Marcus, I work at Robert Dias and I’m gay.

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I like to go out with my friends and play volleyball. I also love showing off our great range of Christmas gifts to my gay and straight clients. ,

Then another Robert Dias worker named James appears on the screen and announces that he is straight, loves boating and baking, as well as showing off all of the shop’s Christmas items.

The ad only gets better as random customers – gay, straight and bisexual – declare their sexuality while reaffirming their love for the hardware store.

It was accompanied by the hashtag #DyasComingOut when it was first shared online.

Even though it came out six years ago, not everyone is in on the joke, including actor Lawrence Fox.

However, not everyone has been so gullible.

This ad is actually a spoof of another 2009 spoof ad from the Red House furniture store in North Carolina.

This US clip begins by telling viewers that “we can” just get along at this particular furniture store, despite our differences.

Comedy duo Rhett and Link harmonize in the background of the clip (an element missing from the Robert Dias ad) while various staff members talk about their racial identities to the camera. And his love of furniture.

A man says: “Hi, I’m Richard, aka Big Head. I work at the Red House and I’m black.

“I love pumping iron and pumping furniture in people’s homes.”

Then her colleague says: “I’m Johnny, aka T-Engage. I work at the Red House and I’m white.

It goes like this, with random customers confirming their race and explaining how much they love the furniture store while occasionally shaking hands with Richard or Johnny.

Oh, and don’t forget Richard’s great line: “Look at this sofa. This is perfect for a black person. Or a white person. ,

This line is repeated in an ad for Robert Dias, when an employee says: “Look at this Christmas tree. It’s perfect for a gay man or a straight person.”

“,”type”: “video”, “meta”: { “url”: “”, “type”: “video”, “version”: ” 1.0″, “title”: “Black and White People Furniture – Red House Commercial”, “author”: “rate & link”, “author_url”: “”,” provider_name”: “youtube”, “description”: “This Red House furniture ad was created as part of our I Love Local commercial series sponsored by Microbilt ( )n–nown Nominate a favorite local business for a FREE local ad here: See all of our RhettandLinCommercials and see who’s nominated! http://ilovelocalcommercials.comn–nPre-qualify for Financing Now: the T-Shirt Now!! Be sure to watch the episode “Making Off”–n: http://www. to all the players of Red House for such a great game. Help them out by referring a friend to the High Point NC area, or visit the store yourself to meet Richard, Johnny and the gang!nnTo clear up any disputes regarding this video, watch our video response ( Or read the transcript below):n knew this video was going to be controversial. Whenever there is a discussion of race in any capacity, a dispute ensues. The concept of racial reconciliation was a joint effort between Red House employees and us. They alluded to the fact that their staff and customer base were like the “Rainbow Coalition”, and we thought something with a comical racial reconciliation topic would be fun, as well as a conversation starter.nnYou For those of you who think this video is racist, we want you to differentiate between “racist” and “racist”. Racism is “hatred or intolerance towards another race or other castes.” Race is “belonging to, or based on, a caste”. This video is very clearly racist as opposed to racist. This video does not promote or promote hate or intolerance. Rather, it is the exact opposite. This ad promotes inclusion and reconciliation, if not in a humorous way. To point out the obvious, the irony in this video is that it’s totally ridiculous for people to associate furniture with their caste. People of all colors are welcome in the Red House, which is taken lightly today, but there was a time in the not-too-distant past when simple things like water fountains weren’t for everyone.nnIf Saturday Night Live, Mad TV, or Dave Chappelle, for that matter, addressed racial issues in a humorous way (something they all do pretty regularly), they would have pushed the envelope a lot.nnIn these races Discussion America is taboo. It always makes people feel uncomfortable. We think it’s a shame that someone saying “I am white” or “I am black” creates such a stir. There are real cultural identities within different people’s groups, and these things should be celebrated and embraced, not swept under the rug. nnThis video is an attempt to use humor to discuss issues of race, as we still have a long way to go.nnRhett&Link”,”thumbnail_url”:”https://”,”thumbnail_width”:480,”thumbnail_height”:360,”cache_age”:86400,”options”:{“_start”:{“label”:”Start From “,,”value”: “”, “placeholder”: “ex: 11, 1m10s”}, “_end”: { “label”: “end on”, “value”: “”, “placeholder”: ” Ex: 11, 1m10s” },”_cc_load_policy”:{“label”:”Closed captions”,”value”:false},”click_to_play”:{“label”:”Hold and play until clicked”, ” value”:false}}, “fullbleed”: false, “flags”:[], “enhancements”: {}, “options”: { “theme”: “news”, “device”: “desktop”, “versionInfo”: { “id”: “UK”, “name”: “UK”, “link”:””,,”locale”:”en_GB”},”slideshowAd”:{“scriptTags”:[],”otherHtml”:””},”slideshowEndCard”:{“scripttags”:[{“attribs”:{},”scriptBody”:”rn (function(){rn var c = document.getElementById(‘taboola-endslate-thumbnails’);rn += ‘-‘ + Math.round(Math.random()*1e16);rn rn var taboolaParams = {rn loader: “//”,rn mode: “thumbnails-b”,rn container:,rn placement: “Endslate Thumbnails”,rn target_type: “mix”rn };rn rn if (typeof window.modulousQueue === “function”) {rn twindow.modulousQueue.add(function(){ doTaboola(taboolaParams); });rn } else {rn tdoTaboola(taboolaParams);rn }rn }());rn”}]”Other HTML”:”


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