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People in Nashville shared their thoughts about Facebook with Granthshala News as the tech giant received negative attention, especially after a whistleblower earlier this month leaked thousands of internal documents alleging Was that the company consistently chooses profit over safety.

Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced Thursday that the company will rebrand itself under the name “Meta,” though Facebook, Instagram and the company’s other apps will keep their names.


“I think Facebook is good and bad,” one person in downtown Nashville told Granthshala News. “It’s good for publicity but I think people post too much personal stuff out there, and it can be dangerous.”

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Another person said: “I would say they need to be more regulated, I guess. I don’t know if they need to be separated.”

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Another said: “I see no reason they should be broken up, but I have no reason to support it or do anything.”

When asked if she believes Facebook should be broken up, one woman said: “The things they’re saying about Mark Zuckerberg in the news and how he can send documents to other places without you really knowing.” Well, I think so.”

Frances Haugen left Facebook in May and provided internal company documents to journalists and others, alleging that the company consistently chooses profit over security.

Facebook has been the target of scrutiny and negative publicity after whistleblower Frances Hogen came forward and accused the social media giant of prioritizing profit over the well-being of its users.

The document, now referred to as the “Facebook Papers,” revealed content moderation failures and the negative effects Facebook’s Instagram had on its users.

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Francis Haugen, a former civilian project manager for Facebook's misinformation team, testifies before Congress on October 5, 2021.

The latest document dump revealed Monday that Facebook’s own employees are upset over its prejudices and failure to curb hate speech and misinformation.

“It seems to me that when companies are monopolies and get a little bit more power and control, yeah, maybe they should be broken up,” said the Nashville resident.

Another told Granthshala News: “I’m all for free commerce, free business and what not, but I think they’re a little too big for Brich.”