People praise woman who goes to VERY extreme lengths to catch her man cheating

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When you suspect that your partner is not doing well, no one enjoys that awful feeling you get.

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But one woman wanted to find out the truth anyway – and she went to great lengths to do so.

Chloe filmed her friend on the phone, revealing how she exposed her boyfriend’s cheatingcredit: Ticks
Woman went to great lengths to find out the truth

Woman went to great lengths to find out the truthcredit: Ticks

It appears that her detective work also paid off as she claims she busted her man for cheating on her one night – and people are seriously impressed with how she did it.


But no one was more impressed than a friend of the woman who shared the incident on TikTok.

woman named chloe She recorded her friend chatting on the phone as she elaborated on how she managed to nab her alleged cheating boyfriend.

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In the clip, which has garnered over 100,000 likes, Chloe wrote: “MI5 or the FBI please employ her,” with her friend proudly announcing: “I caught her.”

She revealed that she used Instagram to track down her man, but not how you might think.

First she used location search to look up where her man was, before looking at hundreds of photos tagged in the same location.

He then admitted that he “followed every girl’s profile” who had tagged himself there before seeing all of his Instagram stories.

He recorded each of them on screen so that he could play them back later after the video was saved to his phone.

But by doing so, she was able to slow down the footage for each of them until she finally saw her boyfriend in the background.

It’s not clear who the woman was with on the phone at the time, but the man’s voice immediately labeled her “psycho” upon hearing her.

But people think the plan was brilliant and with some joke they were taking notes.

“He’s not pyscho, he’s just smart,” wrote one.

And another commented: “Not a psycho! Reacting to the way men treat us and take us for fools. We don’t let anything go! We can tell if something’s right.” No, trust your gut.”

A third said: “I never thought about it. He’s a genius.”

While another said they were “embarrassed” that they “never thought about it.”

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