Medical diagrams of a black fetus in the mother’s womb are being praised online for diversifying the medical field.

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Chidibere Ibe, an aspiring neurosurgeon and enthusiastic painter from Nigeria, says he is delighted that his unique medical diagrams, which depict patients with black and non-white skin, have resonated with so many people online .

“A lot of people called and were really crying. I’m feeling very emotional,” he told Granthshala News in a video interview on Wednesday. “People saw themselves and were able to see their skin. “


Ibe, which is resuming its medical school studies in Ukraine next month, says it has rarely featured non-white people in textbooks and medical workups.

That’s why he says he wants to bridge that gap with his art.

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Ibe hopes that his efforts will move toward achieving more meaningful representations in science and that his illustrations will help medical professionals more accurately identify skin conditions.

The self-taught artist has long had a passion for both medicine and the arts and has been using instagram And Twitter Pages to showcase his work over the past two years.

His art has recently reached a wider audience and many people are thanking eBay for showing them something they “didn’t even know what”. [they] Were missing.”

“I never thought it would be so widespread and people would put themselves in my comments,” Ibe said. “I feel so blessed.”

He says disproportionately negative health outcomes for black and other patients of color, racism toward medical professionals and patients, and unequal access to affordable health care are all systemic problems that urgently need to be addressed around the world.

In the future, Ibe said he would like to work with children and eventually create his own collection of portraits of patients with dark complexion and give it to clinics and medical schools.

To see more from Ibe, check out the video above.