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Pete Hegseth criticized the Biden administration for its handling of a surge of Haitian migrants at the Texas border, questioning why some are being deported but others are not.

Mayorkas warns Haitian immigrants not to attempt to travel to US, mass expulsions begin


Pete Hegseth: This is the group you get tough on? The poor are longing to live illegally, free. “Bienville” is a literal depiction of “the besieged”, yet who turns them back? Sounds very racist to me. … Surely Comrade Ocasio-Cortez will be there to cry for their plight? Or maybe Mayor Joe Biden exile him too? There are no rules and others are arbitrary, so who knows? But no, she wants to tax the rich, so she is safe. The border is open every other day, but is closed today for Black Haitians in “Bidenville”. What is the standard? What’s the plan on the border? Maybe there’s a plan… no plan. The only thing Biden is trying to avoid at the border is poor media coverage — and he’s bad at that, too.

Watch the full interview here:

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