Petrol, Diesel Prices Today: Petrol, diesel not increased for second consecutive day, yet petrol crosses 100 in many parts of the country

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    Petrol Diesel Prices Today: Fuel prices did not rise for the second consecutive day on Monday. Oil marketing companies have kept the prices of petrol and diesel at Sunday’s price.

    Special things

    • Petrol and diesel unchanged for the second consecutive day in the country
    • Fuel prices increased 12 consecutive times till Saturday
    • West Bengal decided to cut tax

    Petrol Diesel Prices Today: Petrol and diesel Prices did not change for the second consecutive day on Monday. This can be a relief news for people amid skyrocketing prices of fuel. Oil marketing companies kept the prices of petrol and diesel unchanged on Monday. In the national capital Delhi, petrol remains at Rs 90.58 per liter while diesel remains at Rs 80.97 per liter. Earlier, till Saturday, the price of fuel had increased continuously for 12 times. Petrol has crossed Rs 100 in many parts of the country.

    The price of petrol in the country’s financial capital Mumbai remains at Rs 97 per liter. At the same time, diesel is priced at Rs 88.06 per liter. Petrol in Kolkata remained unchanged at Rs 91.78 per liter while diesel price was Rs 84.56. Petrol in Chennai is priced at Rs 92.59 per liter and diesel at Rs 85.98 per liter.

    West Bengal hopes to get some relief

    Before the assembly elections, the West Bengal government on Sunday announced a reduction of one rupee per liter in tax on petrol and diesel, which will be effective from midnight of 22 February. Finance Minister Amit Mitra said that this step will give people some relief from the increase in fuel prices. Mitra said, “The Center receives Rs 32.90 per liter (on February 20) as tax from petrol, while the state gets only around Rs 18.46. In the case of diesel, the tax to the central government is Rs 31.80 per liter, while the state gets only about Rs 12.77. ”

    Petrol crossed 100 in many places, outcry in public

    After the continuous increase in the prices of petrol and diesel, petrol has reached beyond 100 rupees in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Due to this, common people are facing a lot of problems. Demonstrations were also held against high fuel prices.

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