Petrol prices set to hit RECORD HIGH in run-up to Christmas Drivers warned unleaded could race beyond 143p a litre as oil prices surge

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  • Average September prices are petrol 136.8p per liter and diesel 139.2p . reached
  • That means the unleaded is 5.65p shy of the record fuel prices seen in April 2012
  • RAC warns that prices will continue to rise before the end of the year and oil costs are likely to rise above $10 a barrel
  • Experts say drivers will ‘essentially be put off worrying about whether they can get petrol or diesel.
  • Read our top 10 tips for improving your car’s fuel economy as prices rise

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Motorists may face a new dilemma at the pumps ahead of Christmas, as prices are predicted to move towards record highs.

Due to the recent supply crisis and panic-stricken headaches for drivers trying to fill up their car’s tanks, there’s a new warning that motorists will soon consider how much fuel they need as prices rise.


Petrol rose by 1.5pa-litre during September to 136.8p and an eight-year high, which has made it 6p shy of the highest price ever recorded in April 2012.

RAC says prices are set to approach all-time highs as oil prices are expected to rise further to $10 a barrel by Christmas, which will put further pressure on domestic finances.

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Petrol pain: The fuel price is on the rise and may cross a record high of 142.48pa liter unleaded before Christmas, adding further pressure on domestic finances.

According to RAC’s Fuel Watch data, filling in September was about £12 more expensive than a year ago.

With the prices of the Unleaded hiked by 1.5p last month, the diesel average increased by 2.5pa-litre to 139.3p.

This makes petrol 22p-a-litre more expensive than a year ago (114.61p as on 30 September 2020) and diesel 21p costlier (118.10p).

Both fuels are now at average prices, which were seen eight years ago in October 2013, petrol was just 5.65p from an all-time high of 142.48p and diesel was 8.68p from a record 147.93p.

Prices in the four major supermarkets were 4p a liter cheaper than the UK average, while in motorway services they were 151.6p more expensive for petrol and 156.4p for diesel.

Asda sold the lowest priced Unleaded at 132p while Sainsbury sold the lowest priced Diesel at 134.3p.

However, a AA report this week rebuked some greedy forecourt operators for charging up to 163.5p for a liter of unleaded during the supply crisis – 27p more than the national average.

How close are we to record fuel prices?

unleaded Prices hit a record high of 142.48 per liter in April 2012 – or 5.65p more than current levels.

diesel Prices hit a record high in the same month (April 2012), reaching 147.93pa a liter – or 8.68p higher than today.

RAC says the average rise in prices is not driven by the delivery crisis over the past fortnight, but oil prices rose 10.7 percent during September, rising from $71.29 at the beginning of the month to $78.88 by Thursday last week. Has been. .

And with oil projected to hit $90 by Christmas, motorists are being told to prepare for skyrocketing pump prices.

RAC Fuel spokesman Simon Williams said that with Forecourt’s fuel stocks set to return to normal, drivers would ‘essentially be relieved of worrying about whether they can get the petrol or diesel they need. How much is it going to cost to fill them.

He explained: ‘Motors are not only struggling to put fuel in their vehicles, they are also paying out-of-pocket for it as the rising price of a barrel of oil is causing more pain at the pumps.

‘As life nears normalcy as the world grapples with Covid-19, demand for oil is exceeding supply, and producer group OPEC+ on Monday decided not to release more oil, barrels The price has now broken above $80 – marking the first time in more than three years.

‘This is likely to cause more trouble for drivers at the pumps as we head towards Christmas, especially with some analysts predicting the price could even reach $90 before the end of the year.

‘If that happens, we could see a new record average price of unleaded hits around 143p per litre.

‘Diesel will increase to 145p which is only 3p less than the record high of 147.93 in April 2021.’

With fuel becoming increasingly expensive by the end of the year, there will be increased pressure on Boris Johnson to refrain from increasing fuel duty as part of the government’s expected tax hike.

The prime minister told BBC Breakfast yesterday that he hinted at extending the freeze on fuel to pay drivers Didn’t want to increase ‘tax of any kind’ when he was pressured whether to skip the duty hike to ease the pressure on motorists.

The news came as petrol owners reported a ‘significant shortage’ at fuel stations in London and the South East – the regions hardest hit by the supply crisis.

The Petrol Retailers Association said on Tuesday that 15 per cent of the premises in and around the capital were dry, down from 22 per cent on Sunday, but 21 per cent still contained only one grade of fuel.

The crisis eased as Britain deployed military tanker drivers on Monday to help deliver fuel after a chaotic week of panic.

‘While there has been a significant reduction in drylands, these areas are still lagging behind in being …


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