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Peyton Manning was recently inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but the former Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos quarterback has already set his sights on his next move during retirement.

Manning, a Denver resident, is reportedly eyeing a pending sale of the Broncos.


Manning has already spoken to two potential contenders for the team, CBS Sports Quoting sources.


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The Broncos are not currently for sale, but many owners around the NFL believe that new ownership could take the franchise over next year. The website reported that initial estimates are that the Broncos will sell for about $4 billion.

Broncos President/CEO Joe Ellis said in July that the team was not for sale and planned to be unveiled by next year. Denver Post. There is a dispute going on in the organization regarding the ownership rights.

Manning is reportedly aware of the situation in Denver. And since he played for the franchise and was a significant influence on its success over several seasons—including its Super Bowl 50 victory—he may have had a role as a minority investor or even part of management.

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There’s no doubt that Manning will have a lot to offer the franchise. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL, and he was known for his ability to control his offenses pre-picture while running a skillful no-huddle attack.

There are rumors that hip-hop artist Jay-Z and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos are interested in buying the NFL franchise. If the Broncos become available for sale, they will certainly be potential suitors.

Manning has a broadcast role with ESPN, but CBS Sports reported that the veteran quarterback wants to stay with the Broncos in some capacity. It will be very interesting to see how everything pans out in the coming months.