Two new Israeli studies into the efficacy of Pfizer coronavirus vaccines show that the vaccine greatly reduces virus transmission.

Both studies require more confirmation and peer-review, but the results indicate a significant decrease for transmission of symptomatic and asymptomatic dissemination.

Latest study, Published on Friday in the British medical journal The Lancet85 percent reduction in symptomatic COVID-19 within 15 to 28 days, with overall reduction of infections – including asymptomatic spread – 75 percent.


Mishl Liniel, professor of molecular biology and bioinformatics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, said the findings were a major step forward.

“Whether it’s a 75 or 90 percent reduction, it doesn’t matter – it’s a big drop in transmission,” Linneal Told Reuters. “This means that not only is individual immunization protected, inoculation also provides protection to her or his surroundings.”

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Another study conducted by the Israeli Ministry of Health and Pfizer Inc. found that the vaccine reduced infection in asymptomatic cases by about 89 percent and symptomatic cases by about 94 percent.

That study already showed promising results at the end of January, when researchers saw a 31 percent drop in hospitalizations from COVID-19 among vaccinators, The New York Times reported.

Aran Kopel, an epidemiologist at Tel Aviv University, warned that vaccination is a very good tool, but it should hardly end. “It is a dynamic virus that has surprised the scientific world with its rapid pace of change and diversity.”

Koppel said the Health Ministry figures were promising, but further studies are needed.