The US Air Force said Sunday that two people killed in a military plane crash on Friday in Alabama were a flying instructor and a student pilot of the Japanese Air Self Defense Force.

The Air Force released the name of the trainer who died when the T-38C Talon trainer aircraft crashed near Montgomery on Friday. He A 24-year-old instructor with the 50th Flying Training Squadron at Columbus Air Force Base in Mississippi identified as pilot Scott Ames Jr. He Was from Pekin, Indiana.

A similar T-38C Talon crashed on May 1 at Sheppard Air Base in Texas.

A similar T-38C Talon crashed on May 1 at Sheppard Air Base in Texas.
(US Air Force photo / Steve White)

The name of the student pilot is not being released at this time and will be provided according to the Japan process.

Columbus Air Force Base is home to the 14th Flying Training Wing. The mission of the wing is undergraduate pilot training.


“We are a family and the loss of our two comrades affects us all,” said Colonel Seth Graham, commander of the 14th Flying Training Wing, at a Saturday press conference.

“The strength of our bond is what will help us bring it together. My thoughts and prayers are with their families, friends and our peers today.”

The cause of the incident is being investigated. The pilots were flying a training mission. Jet crashed near Danline Field in Montgomery at 5:30 pm on Friday evening.

Marshall Taggart, executive director of Montgomery Regional Airport, told news outlets that the plane crashed in a wooded area near the airport. Taggart said there are homes in the area, but the jet did not hit any structures.

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