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Ree Drummond shared old photos from their wedding to Ladd Drummond on the couple’s 25th anniversary.

The 52-year-old Food Network star also included recent shots of the couple and a shot of Ladd, which Rei claimed “actually kept”. [her] So many years are going by.”


“Twenty-five years ago, Ladd and I got married. It’s been a wild adventure, and we’ve experienced joy, pain, ups and downs, triumphs, sorrows, and unexpected twists and turns. (And kids! [emoji]),” NS captioned the set of pictures.

“That whole ‘love’ thing—that love that deepens, spreads, and becomes more firmly rooted over time—is definitely there… but if you want to see what’s really meant me all these years.” What’s trending in, then swipe to the last picture,” continued. “Can it really be that easy? Well, some day, yes!”

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ri and laddoos met once in his hometown. The two tied the knot in 1996 and share five children together.

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The celebrity chef shared his marriage philosophy ahead of his eldest daughter’s wedding earlier this year.

“Although we’ve been told marriage is a 50/50 thing, I’ve found that approaching it 100/100 is even better,” ri said those days.

“There will be times when one of you can’t bring as much to the wedding as the other can, whether it’s because of illness, fatigue, stress… and during that time, it’s 100/100. It’s good to think so that you can make up for each other’s shortcomings.