PM accused of ‘doing nothing’ over energy crisis – follow live

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Government needs a plan to make Brexit work, says shadow trade secretary

A leading industry figure has said Boris Johnson’s government is “sitting on its hands and doing absolutely nothing” to solve Britain’s energy crisis.

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UK Steel Director General Gareth Stace urged the PM to end reports of “infighting between the Treasury and BEIS” and instead “bang together ministerial heads” to keep supply issues from getting worse.

“This is an important time. [Kwasi Kwarteng], the business secretary, has also said that this is a serious situation, and so why is the government just sitting on its hands and doing absolutely nothing at the moment? Mr Stace told the LBC, before warning the PM “if he does nothing, his leveling ambition will be abandoned”.


It comes as the business secretary was forced to defend Mr Johnson’s leave to Marbella as “appropriate”, despite a plethora of criticism that it came at the wrong time. Kwasi Quarteng said on Sunday he was in “regular WhatsApp contact” with the PM and that his boss deserved a break after having a year in which he “almost lost his life to Covid”. [and] His mother passed away”.

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Energy secretary ‘certainly he could’ remain gas in winter

If you missed it yesterday. The government’s energy secretary said he was “sure” that gas supplies would remain in place this winter.

Speaking on Sunday morning, Kwasi Quarteng also ruled out lifting the energy price cap in the spring, a move he has been told by energy companies to raise prices, and said a new green levy on heating bills would at least for one There will be no possibility of putting During the crisis of the year, our policy correspondent reports john stone.

“I am very committed and confident that we will have the full energy supply,” Mr Quarteng told Sky News, “I am as sure as I can be.”

Energy Secretary ‘Surely He Could’ Be Gas This Winter

Kwasi Kwarteng also ruled out early lifting of the price cap and said there is no green levy on bills this winter

Sam Hancock11 October 2021 09:08

Labor condemns government for ‘fighting’ instead of resolving energy crisis

A Labor lawmaker has described reports of discussions between the Treasury and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy as “extraordinary” over the supply crisis.

Pat McFadden, the former shadow business secretary, told Sky News:

“We are facing many energy-intensive industries like steel, ceramics, papermaking etc. They are pleading for help from the government.

“Instead of addressing their concerns, what we have found is an unreasonably disputed dispute between the Treasury and the Department of Trade.”

He added that “they should be” if Treasury officials are not involved in the talks.

Sam Hancock11 October 2021 09:01

Business secretary ‘didn’t tell porkies’ about help for industry

After my post at 8.36 am, here it is Adam Forrest What was said about the allegations against Quasi Quarteng.

Business Secretary Quasi Quarteng did not lie when he said there had been discussions between government departments about possible support for UK firms during the energy crisis, a senior minister insisted.

Mr Quarteng said on Sunday he was in talks with the Treasury and the energy industry to work out ways to help during the crisis.

However, officials from Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s department declined to hold talks with the trade department – with a Treasury source accusing Mr Quarteng of “making up things in the interview”.

Asked by Sky News whether the business secretary was “telling Porky”, Home Office Minister Damien Hinds replied: “Absolutely not.”

Business secretary didn’t tell ‘porkies’ about help for industry, says government

The minister also defended the holiday of Boris Johnson – said – ‘It is necessary for the country’ that the PM should take a break

Sam Hancock11 October 2021 08:43

UK Steel chief says ‘now is not the time for PM to be away’

Speaking of Gareth Staes, the UK Steel boss also appeared on LBC this morning where he called Boris Johnson to go on leave.

“I’m sure he can go on the phone and talk to them, but in my mind, now is not the time for the prime minister to go on leave, from a steel sector standpoint,” Mr Stace said.

Sam Hancock11 October 2021 08:40

PM urges to ‘work together’ to solve energy crisis

NS daily Mirror‘s Lizzie Buchan Reports the following:

Here’s what Mr. Stace said on the matter when he later appeared on LBC Radio:

“This is a critical time. The business secretary has also said that this is a serious situation, and so why is the government just sitting with folded hands and doing absolutely nothing at this time?

“From my point of view, today, with the alleged government infighting between the Treasury and BEIS, the prime minister now needs to simultaneously bang ministerial heads, take control and remember that if he does nothing, his leveling ambition will drop. Will be given a rag.”

Sam Hancock11 October 2021 08:37

Home Office: Quarteng didn’t lie about energy discussions

Now something else from Damien Hinds. The Home Office minister denied claims this morning that the business secretary, Quasi Quarteng, lied when he said there had been discussions between government departments about help for energy companies.

Sky News asked Mr Hinds if his aide was dishonest after the Treasury refused to negotiate with his department, and replied: “Absolutely not.”

He then criticized “unknown sources”. [these kinds of] stories come [from]”

“The fact that government departments, government ministers talk to each other all the time and of course with an issue like this, these rising global prices and businesses have to grapple with it and make sure they break down and can create a margin. Certainly this is something on which the Business Secretary – and certainly the Energy Secretary – are going to be fully focused,” Mr. Hinds said.

Sam Hancock11 October 2021 08:36

PM ‘always in charge’, says minister when asked about Marbella visit

Quasi Quarteng is not alone. Interior Minister Damien Hinds has also jumped to the defense of Boris Johnson over his decision to take leave.

Asked by Sky News if now is the right time to leave, Mr Hinds replied: “When is the right time? I think it is important that people have the opportunity to have some rest and relaxation with their families.”

He continued: “But I don’t want to dilute the amount of rest and relaxation you get as Prime Minister because as I say you are in constant touch, you are constantly informed and you are in charge of the government.” live.”

“For the rest of us really, what’s important for the whole country is that the prime minister gets some family time, gets a break.”

Sam Hancock11 October 2021 08:30

Sunak under fire for ‘plan to recycle billions as aid money’

Rishi Sunak has been criticized for saving billions of pounds by “recycling” money from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as aid spending.

Campaigners believe the chancellor is preparing to use up a rather large portion of it in the foreign aid budget.

It comes after the government decided to cut aid spending this year from 0.7 percent to 0.5 percent of national income, a move that was widely condemned and met with revolt from Conservative lawmakers, reports Liam James.

Rishi Sunak criticized for ‘plans to recycle billions from IMF as aid money’

Critics say the move will be another knock for ‘Global Britain’

Sam Hancock11 October 2021 08:25

PM’s leave during energy crisis ‘appropriate’ – Minister

A cabinet minister has said it is “appropriate” for Boris Johnson to go on leave while the government grapples with a deep energy crisis.

Business Secretary Quasi Quarteng defended the prime minister’s decision to fly to Marbella for a break on Sunday.

Mr Quarteng, the minister responsible for the government’s crisis response, said he was in regular contact with the prime minister via WhatsApp.

our policy correspondent john stone The full report is:

Boris Johnson’s Costa del Sol holiday during crisis ‘appropriate’, says minister

Business Secretary says he is in regular touch with PM via WhatsApp

Sam Hancock11 October 2021 08:24

good morning and welcome GranthshalaRolling UK politics coverage. Stay tuned as we bring you the latest updates while Boris Johnson is told to walk away during Britain’s energy crisis.

Sam Hancock11 October 2021 08:18




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